Oyi Sky
This metrosexual men Holland's purebred, who was born in Manado, started his career in Disc Jockey world since the early year of 2005. Initally, he has been inspired to enlivened the sparkling world of dance just as his sibling. Over a 7 months period time, he has been able to holding all the cards about Digital Mixing and enamoured the little brain of Clubers Holic. He also been able spent his time to gather together in some event organizations in Jakarta.
So she explored more to Techno, which she implemented perfectly to her trademark House Musik.

all proudly roll out the carpet to welcoming him as a new born DISC JOCKEY! eventhough he is appertain as a newcomer, he never gets bored to work out and coached himself in order to be more creative and be a better DJ. You might call him as a latecomer in DJ's world,but he proves that he could rub shoulders with the people around him. With his different unique style and his engagingly performance,he shall bring all the "Clubers Holic" to entering the real of SPARKLING WORLD. . .

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