Pietro Farrdel
He is just an ordinary man who loves DJing from very young age, inspired by Mix Master Marwin
he start to djing in 1989 in his hometown until he graduated from high school.

He forget the decks at all and finished his degree in design and work as a designer
like everybody else, but the passion of djing still surrounding in his heart, finally
he back on track and shake the dancefloor once again.
Now he already spinning in many Clubs around Indonesia like: Centro, K7,
Barcode, Nemare, Embrio, Nu China, Kampus Imperium, Stadium, IndoChine, Club Monaco
Bibliotheque, Kowloon Surabaya, EP Semarang and many more, and
sharing deck with firstline DJ like: Dj Deny, Innerlight, Gallant, Dimitri, Winky, Donny Arikanami
and so on, he also play at some big events such as Djarum Black Car Community,
Djie Sam Soe Jazz Moment, A mild Soundsations, Surya Pro with Geisha, Clas party with AKON etc.

While he isn't at the gigs he running his own business in decorating industries,
he producing dance track as well in his tiny studio in his spare time,
his songs was taken as O.S.T of "Delusi" in 2010 and becoming best selling
Ring Back Tone for Cellular phone.

Play with passion to his every gigs makes his sound honest, From Progressive to Trance
he can delivered great ambiance to crowd, His music is combining between melodic euphoric atmosphere
and deep pumping bassline into a great harmony,
he always adding new elements thru his why don't you just listen to his sounds.

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