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Since musicS is part of my soul and I decide to dedicate my life as a DJ.
Dj. Radja was starting his carrier as a Dj from 2000, I graduate from Smile Pro Dj's schooling,

bellow are my history from the beginning of my experiences:
- JJ Duit bar and lounge as a resident DJ from 2001 - 2003
- Delta club and lounge as resident from 2003 - 2005
- Seven billiard as resident Dj 2006 - 2007
- The Brains as resident Dj from 2008 - 2009
- NO2 bar and lounge as leader DJ and Marketing Manager from 2009 - 2010

- 2.7 bar and lounge as a leader DJ and marketing from 2010 - 2012

- X2 club 'LA lights menthol'
- Vertigo 'Bling bling volume #1'
- Vertigo 'Juice magazine'
- Typsy 'Djarum black menthol'
- Triple 9 'LA lights Menthol' for opening original DJ Naro
- Venue 'LA Lights Menthol'
- Liquids club 'Birthday blast for DONUTZ production'
- Retro Club
- 9 clouds 'Blue 5 production' guess DJ
- Blow Fish
- Function 'F&B gathering party'
- Kyoki Bandung 'Bling bling volume #2'
- Amnesia Bandung 'Bling bling volume #3'
- Embassy Bandung

- Guest DJ Score manado
- Guest DJ Retro club Makasar
- Guest DJ 'Deejay club' Bali
- Guest DJ HUGO's Jogya

DJ Radja is also a talent of DONUTZ Production Management from 2003 until now.
As I follow of many event and also trough many experiences, I able to build my own skill to be a very characteristic on HOUSE music as my specialization, but I also played all the kind of music as requested. I also having a very good relation with the customers and some are loyal to attend on my performance

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