• Randy

  • cityJakartaactive12 years
  • playinghouse Urban / Alternative
  • member of7/24
  • event this year
He started his DJ experience since late 2007. His interest in DJ-ing began at 2006, he started to learn spinning at ELECTROFLUX Jakarta.
for about 2month, with his teacher ADE BRO(M1/43). Then he started career as a professional DJ 2007. since that time he used to perform at many electroflux events and other events. His major are House, electro house, and also electro. He graduated from electroflux DJ school . And also his 1 of 50 from JUICE DJ QUEST 2008. But lucky isn’t at his side his failed and not passed to big ten. And at the same year he is 1 of 45 Heineken Thirst 2008, he is in the Heineken thirst 2008 competion. But once again he is not passed through the semi final. Maybe this year it’s time to him lo learn much more. In the middle of 2009 his called to be a resident dj at eX plaza Indonesia til now. And start from Agust 2009 he joined with 7/24

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