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rizky is a man who was born in Bandung, with a versatile musical based on life
rizky is a music producer and DJ

With background music like hardcore, metal, punk, hip hop ..
but in mid-2005 he was saturated with the glorious music which he listened to ....
and want to try to play music with dj format
when the elementary school, Rizky've been listening to bands such as Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, Depeche Mode,noisia,camo krooked, pet shops boys, the smith, industrial music, british pop, house, garage, etc
then rizky always exchanging ideas with a friend named arie arie .. is a graduate of one of the dj school in bandung ... then rizky debut playing electro music in one of the famous club in Bandung, and nickname is DJ RIZKYCORE .. and start Produce music
see the positive response from the crowd, then rizky excited ..
almost every club in Bandung.
job offer outside the city and the island is often done by rizky ...
became the first dj playing electro tracks in the city of Ambon Indonesia .. and then bring the new music in the club's Ambon city
in the year 2006 until 2008 rizky feel the vacuum caused by the birth of a first child, called Electra muhammad Ibiza ..
at the beginning of the year 2009 rizky back to the club and was saturated with the music scene in Indonesia, especially in bandung
he finally ventured to play a song Fidget, nu disco, electro clash, Dubstep, drum n bass, and bass music in the club because of support from their friends, especially with dj scratchy (cronik), dj jie (public), dj dheewz ( public) ..
then joined the public label dj and prod discojunkie
and at the beginning of september rizky join Chronicles (cronik records) label dj, record label and artist management
now rizky already have some songs that made their own
and rizky now focus more on bass music
dubstep anthem singles and drum n bass like "flowercity rootsriders", Infatuated (experimental dubstep), destruction, and many songs / albums that made
one dream, that is: go international and become a reliable producer and dj in his own genre
rizky her life motto is Professional, Skateboarding, Bass, and Rawkz

music genres:
Drum n Bass, Techno, Clash, Fidget, HIP-HOP, Chillout, Jazz, ambient, garage

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