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Rizzy’s passion of music makes her to learn more about creating music techniques. I learned music in Spinach DJ School so could creat some using her knowledge. Some DJ’s that her inspirated was Armin van buuren, Steve Angelo, dash Berlin, Carlos Galardo, David gueta, etc. She realy love their style, music, genre and performance.

She entered Spinach DJ School in October 2009. The most interesred music genre that I learned are Progressive, Trance, House, Electro House. However, surely I will also put my interesting in another genres. There are techniques that she learned such as mixing, back spin, drop stop, etc. on December 2009, finally she graduated well and certified.

Her first performance was in the Luv bar and lounge, Jakarta and also participated in several clubs in Jakarta, such as Nu’China, Red square, Kampus Imperium, Second Floor, Ne Mare, 999 (Triple Nine), Kama Sutra, Domain, Venue, Barcode, etc. also some private parties. Out Jakarta as Tropicana Bandung, Score! Pekanbaru, Corner Manado, Mitra Samarinda, Golden Palace Jambi. Resident DJ at Score! Pekanbaru, Resident DJ at Marina Lombok.

The most precious moment is made the crowd very enjoyable the party when she was playing the music. Someday she want to become a profesional DJ as her idol.

On 2011, she was join with Bvlgary Management until now.

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