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Roy Xspinn
DJ Roy started spinning since 1999. His loveable with dance music has change him to be a good DJ. By learning spinning on his own, he started to make dance scene alive in bogor. It began in February 2005 when he started making his own label called "Xspinn" (Extraordinary Spinners) with all 6 other dj in his local town. Play along with his fellow from xspinn and other great DJ label from mostly Jakarta has make him more confident and mature in socializing dance music to the others.

His sets with House music and characterized with driving element, bouncy beat, techy sounds, strong bassline, progy element and pumping dirty house, has brought him to play along in so many event such as : Jakarta Movement 2005 (it’s an annual big out door party in Jakarta), Higher Concience, House Of Ravelex, and several big parties in clubs around Jakarta, Bogor, Yogya, Bandung, ect

He has also shared a deck with well known DJ such as : ROMY, NARO, Blanco, Remy Irwan, Riri, Winky, Anton, Adhe Dafkaf, Dimdok, Ardi Pite, Innerlight, Debon, Marquee, Double D, Andre Uciel, Didi, Dade, Putra, Ical, Drto and some international dj's suck as Jamie Mchugh, Del Horno, and many others.

That’s why when his spinning he knows how to create the sets so the floor are rockin and pumpin till early hours.

In 2007 he was chosen as the Final Nominee of “Junior DJ of The Year 2007”, and in 2009 he became a winner of "BOGOR DJ of the Year REDMA 2009" It was a great archivement he ever had for the works that he's been working through all this time.

And finaly in October 2009 he was grab to the biggest dj label in Indonesia that have all great DJ's ever known in this country and became a part of the biggest family kingdom of 1945 Music Factory (1945MF).

His good knowledge about dance music has brought him as he is today, and never turn back since he gain so much support from others. He knows his work for over the years has finaly pay off. Although he still work hard seeking other creativity and educate people about dance music culture.

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