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Sharon Electra
Born and bred in an ingeniously creative family, influences from so many DJs around her have helped much in cultivating her much aplomb senses of appreciation for music. The moment that eventually led her steep into the Art of mixing, and now when she got acquainted and fell in love with the free spirited community abroad that understood and took embrace to quality dance music genuinely.

Her curiosity in electronic music simply flourished to become a rage of passion when she discovered the scene where DJs raved supreme. When Marisha was immediately recognized as a fast growing talent, it was only hardly a year into her venture.

She then got invited to participate at Female DJ competition in Jogjakarta, as well as a local competition fest for the female Djs. June 2009 witnessed SHARON becoming the first Winner female DJ competition to grace the decks live, at the most popular superclub embassy.

The ID scene has contributed immensely in cultivating Marisha into a hybrid of colossal expertise, crafting her own niche within the home ground. That promising talent that is bound to rise to sizeable recognition, lies the drive of a petite lass that flows a defiant streak to not tag along and pursue the commercial chase that is today, vowing to spread the love, sharing her knowledge and obsession for all things exuberant across the dance floors, feeding her mass with addictive sounds of the phat, chunky and funky. Think driving sets, with the occasional deep, soulful and percussively instilled tribal tech and house explorations. Each session rewarding, uplifting and gratifying.

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