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Born in 80.s, when the disco music has been in the top of chart with the big names such as New Order, The Cure, n David Bowie disturbing my childhood musical brain growth. In the early of 90.s, when the music in this country is being powered by the alternative industrial genre, been so many new thing entered and influenced my music style yet, there.s one thing made me interested that was electronic music. As Chemmical Brothers with their Block Rockin. Beats single that has ever been on the world top of song.s Chart yet, therefore the limitation of the music instrument and my insight can only imagine to play the music like them.
Entering this millennium era, the electronic musician such as: Kraftwerk, Moby, Fat Boy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Prodigy, Apollo440, Arkarna, Meat Beat Manifesto, Orbital, and Underworld have my head full more….
Than for the first time in my life, only by using PC with 800 mhz processor, 1st ver. E-Jay Software, and also my cheesy Yamaha PSR 640 Keyboard, I tried to create world of music by myself, that already known afterwards, it is called Electronic Music...

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