Stefani was born in Jakarta on October 1985. She has a reputation for being a ‘true clubber’ and is already well-known on the scene due to her contacts and also her work as a freelance model for fashion shows and photo sessions. Her passion for travel has brought her to a number of diverse places and she spent much of her adult life seeking out new partying experiences and connections. Therefore, given this background, she decided to channel her extensive knowledge on the subject towards becoming a DJ.
In the year 2009, she resigned from her job as an Architect in Bali, and her initiative and motivation allowed her to begin pursuing her long-term goal. Most of her skills are self-taught and she has also recently had private tutoring from a professional DJ. So far Stefani has played at a range of parties and major clubs all over Indonesia – mainly in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali – and her passion for DJ-ing has continued to grow.
Having received a lot of good feedback and reactions from the local crowd, her popularity is rapidly increasing : she has mastered both the technical and the social aspects of the profession and is considered one of the few DJ in Indonesia with an authentic talent and original style. Stefani’s sets consist mainly of different styles of main-stream sound of house, progressive, progressive house, tech house, to dirty electro house and rnb, but always with an upbeat vibe. So, if you haven’t experienced Stefani yet, then what are you waiting for?!

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