Cuebox Soundustry

He might be young in age, but certainly not in experience. After his seven years plus, and counting, of his professional career in the dance music industry, he believes that music should not only be enjoyed, but also enriched the soul of those who listen to it. His love for the dance music industry has led him to a long journey of finding his true genre, progressive house as his best character reflection of music, though he is open to any source of inspiration for his music.

He has been trotting around entertaining people in different cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and many others, especially his hometown, Palembang. His dream is to form an euphoria of a new generation of the dance music in the city of which he was born. In splitting his time in between Jakarta and Palembang, mostly, he continuously seek for new experiences and those who share similar passion in the dance music industry.

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