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Sonia started DJ-ing in 2008, having previously mastered musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. She picked up her mixing skills at Enemy DJ Production, but since then, has trusted her passion and instincts more to shape the progress of her music.

Sonia believes that music comes from the heart, and that good music is the kind that stirs a million feelings in one's heart. Music is about connection, between the artist and her instrument, between the artist and her crowd.

The honest, colourful, and vivacious sounds of Sonia's music has rapidly gained a loyal following among the crowd in around Indonesia. A realist romantic, Sonia mixes commercial hits and idealist tunes in a delicious blend, spiced up with her fashionable and energetic

Sonia does not like limiting her style to certain genres, but admits to a fascination for house, progressive, and techno trance beats. "Putting labels on music makes life convenient, but sometimes people pay too much
attention to the labels, and not the music itself," Sonia once said, "If it moves the heart, then it's good music."

As Sonia gains more air time and gig opportunities, the future looks promising for this young female artists, a future DJ superstar. Look out world, Sonia Nugroho is out to light you up..!

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