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"Based on the dancing music prosperity in Indonesia, I was exploring many genres on the dancing music scene, such as funky house, tribal house to electro."
Since tribal music begin strongly on the dancing music scene in Indonesia, specially in Medan, I already know this music is very affected and very suitable for me to make some energizing sound and make many partygoers on club enjoy the music ambience that i'll make and played to reach a total satisfaction of the music experience.
On December 2008,when Zul-V has graduate from BACKSPIN DJ SCHOOL, he started to be a DJ on many numerous party and events.
He has performed in some clubs in and out of Medan, like Da News, Shoot, Prime, and many other outdoor events in north Sumatra Indonesia.

As the time goes by, Zul-V made his way to the top by combining new style of music on the dance floor we called the "The Boomber Sound" where he used to create great music flow combining not only the ethnicity of tribal house music, but invonvolved funky house, and electro beat.

Zul-V playing style and attitude was influenced by local and foreign DJ such as DJ Romy 1945MF, Thomas Gold, Alex Gold, Laidback Luke, Nick Terranova, Axwell, Micha Moor, Mastiksoul, Dirth South, R.I.O, Mobin Master, John Revox, Milton Chanels, and many more.

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