Author Topic: Some fun pics from House Cartel Poolside Party 4th November at Prive  (Read 1528 times)

Offline nandi

Hi guys just want to share some fun pics from our first party last sunday..eventough the rain stop us a bit but the show must go on. Big appreciation for the crowds and our friends who still show up and dance with us till the end  ;)

Special thanks to our friend David Tjin who can make it from Tarutung to come and play with us. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to share the decks with him. Welcome to House Cartel Family bro :D

See you in our next party!!  :)

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Offline Ucil

yeaaaaayyyy rock on guys....really sorry i couldnt make it....long story hehehe
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Offline luthfi

Wow looking good! Nice party man :D
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Offline dirtynumbangelboy

cakep.. pengen ikutan tapi dines  :'(

Offline David Tjin

haha thx for having me! ngehek banyak idola gw ngumpul di situ trus gw harus maen pulak huahaha grogi abiss..

stay tuned for our next one you guys! good music guaranteed!  *piss*

Offline club2club

insyaalloh bisa datang lain kali...cuma david doang yang gw belum pernah lihat main langsung...

Offline firboy

aaaahhh seru nya pake banget, mudah2an next party nya bisa dateng, sukses terus buat HS ya, FULL SUPPORT!!!

Offline dedoSixteen

terlalu menyenangkan..sampai bertemu tahun depan yah guys
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Offline nandi

thanks guys buat feedbacknya..alhamdulillah event kemaren berjalan cukup sukses dan kita ya buat movement ini. Semoga kita bisa memberikan sesuatu ke scene di Indonesia melalui House Music ;)

for more info ini ada page kita di FB:

kalo buat podcast/mixtape bisa kesini:

see you in our next party :)
I love all kinds of house, but i love that deep shit, the real shit, makes you bump your head..

Offline danzadanzi

way  i see the pic it reminds me of my worst party experience in bali  kelapa dua ... long time ago ... lot's of wankers shite only 10 minutes stay there ... lot"s gay , sepi , gak rame dan keliatan yang dateng pada sok  asyik sama musik nya waakakaka - even the DJ pada sok teu tenggil gaya nya sok asik ndiri gak peduli crowd ( it's ok gak peduli hanya ya mbo tih flow dan tarck nya tuh at leat kerena la }  hahaha

yeah some party good but most of them are sucks :P

tae tuh temen gw ngajak ke shite party like that  >:(

weel just share my bad memories akan party yang sepi , sok exclusive/elit  dan sucks :-*


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