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Main Talk / Toilet Room?
« on: 10/02/14, 15:55 »

For the last few years, underground streaming site par excellence Boiler Room has been bringing us sets from the coolest clubs, hotel rooms, warehouses and record stores around the world on a regular basis. As anyone who’s got the site bookmarked could tell you, Boiler Room has a well-earned reputation for turning even the most humble of spaces into enviable rave dens. They haven’t, though, ever streamed an episode straight from a toilet.

But someone has. Enter Toilet Room, the brainchild of Sydney DJ collective Moving House. Last week, the first ever Toilet Room kicked things off with a 70-minute set in a bathroom somewhere in Surry Hills…and it was none other than the UK’s Paleman on the decks. As of yesterday, the debut Toilet Room set is up on YouTube for streaming – get stuck in below.

“It was almost certainly a bottle of Rum that was responsible for the inception of Toilet Room,” the Moving House DJs/Toilet Room team told inthemix. “We were just sitting around one afternoon, when [someone] said out of the blue, “How funny would a Toilet Room set be?!” The reference went without saying, and a few weeks later, we were on the rums again, fumbling our way through a Toilet Room test set in a Surry Hills bathroom. A few days later, we posted a highlight/blooper reel and a short teaser for the concept, and the response was phenomenal.”

While there’s definitely a tongue-in-cheek element to Toilet Room, we can nonetheless expect some very cool sets to come of the party. “The idea was definitely born out of parody, but given we’re showcasing world class DJ’s – such as Paleman – it’s kind of become more of an homage to Boiler Room. We love what Boiler Room has done, and continues to do for electronic music, and we certainly don’t want to take away from that, so we hope it’s taken as a compliment rather than a knock to their brand.”

From here, the Toilet Room plan is to try for as many touring internationals as possible, as well as locking in talented locals. If all goes to plan, there’ll be at least one Toilet Room set per month – maybe one a fortnight – hitting YouTube for streaming soon after each event. “Like all Moving House projects, the primary goal is to provide a fun experience, and anything else is just icing really.”


what do ya think, cool or crap (?) (?) (?)

Music / 10 Iconic Mixes from New York Dancefloors
« on: 07/01/14, 13:33 »

It’s the city that gave birth to disco, house music and hip hop, the home of iconic, seminal clubs like The Loft, Studio 54, Paradise Garage and the Sound Factory. If you were going to pick one city on earth where you could track the history of dance music through a series of classic sets, then New York would be it. Back in the early 90s, inthemix writer Jim Poe worked as a DJ in New York City, and here he’s selected ten iconic mixes from the history of NY clubs, tracking the city’s evolving sounds from Grandmaster Flash in 1978 to Francois K at Output this year.

1. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 4 MCs Live at the Audubon Ballroom, 1978

2. Larry Levan Live at the Paradise Garage, 1979

3. David Morales live at Red Zone, 1990

4. Frankie Bones live at Deliverance, circa 1993

5. Junior Vasquez live at the Sound Factory, 1994

6. Little Louie Vega live at Vinyl, 1996

7. David Mancuso live at The Loft, 2005

8. Tim Sweeney live at Le Bain, 2012

9. Nickodemus live (with live percussion from Nappy G) at Turntables on the Hudson (Natural History Museum), 2012

10. François K live at Deep Space (Output), 2013

Click here to read the full article 8)

Music / Kele Okereke release on Crosstown Rebels
« on: 07/01/14, 13:06 »

I readied a buffet of scornful adjectives with which to describe Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke's presumably ill-advised first foray into house music, but in truth this four-track EP for Crosstown Rebels is solid. The title track is half house, half UK garage, with echoing, sunny synths and warm, unhurried percussion accompanying a distorted vocal from Bobbie Gordon. On his gently glowing remix, Recondite boils "Heartbreaker" down into a subtle, pads-led hum that's punctuated by jagged shards of Gordon's vocal.

"God Has A Way" is a straightforward slice of mildly off-kilter house, while closer "Get Up" is the only track that features Okereke's vocals, his heavily filtered "people get up" appeal being stretched over a spare framework of muffled drums and a gently ascending synth. There's nothing ground-breaking here, but neither is there anything that suggests an ego-driven indie rock frontman venturing out of his depth, and for that reason this release must go down as a success.


what do ya think?  ;)


A towel once used by MK has sold for a whopping £10,000 on eBay.

That's right, £10,000. Or £10,100 to be precise.

A total of seven bidders laid dosh down on the item, which was placed on the auction site a week ago by a seller called 'chloemccor'.

We can confirm that the towel was used by the legendary house producer and that the towel is a genuine piece of DJ memorabilia. We say that last bit with tongue firmly in cheek, of course.

The towel appeared on eBay after a fan put it on sale for a laugh.

Chloe Maccormack got the towel from an MK show promoted by Arcanum Events at The Cuban in Canterbury. Maccormack had been joking around with MK about listing it on eBay and then did so.

She's promised half of the final sale price to a charity of MK's choice. We're told he knows all about the popularity of the towel and thinks it's pretty funny.

mungkin angger dimas atau max don mau lelang handuk juga? ::)




Your relationship with rave culture is not unlike our relationship with football. You invented it in your post-industrial northern cities, yet it's the rest of the world that has truly learnt to understand it. It's a precocious child that you managed to spawn, only to realise that you were less than competent as parents and had to give it to the rest of the world to provide it with a proper upbringing.

Now it's back in your life and you don't know how to deal with it.

For the last 25 years, while you guys were buying Learjets and listening to Creed, Europe has been double dropping, reaching for the lasers and constantly asking strangers if they are "having a good night". You thought this made all of us homosexual, existentialist drug addicts (which may be partly true) and for years you resisted the charms of Mitsis, Ministry Of Sound and the music of Paul Oakenfold. Your party scene was content with smashing "brewskis", smoking "doobs" and blasting the music of Kid Rock and 2 Live Crew.

Recently, though, something's changed. You've got some of the hoodest guys out there eulogising about MDMA in a way that would make a young Bez wonder if he was overdoing it a little on the pilled-up hyperbole. Trinidad James is always going on about "popping molly", as is Danny Brown, as is Future. Lil Wayne got caught with enough of it on his tour bus a few years back to keep the whole of the Berlin Love Parade rushing for a few hours, and even that new Destiny's Child track sounds like it wouldn't be out of place at an all-day, early 90s Fantazia rave in Donnington.

 Now, thousands of your previously clean-cut, "Euro-fag"-hating teenagers are trading in their Ozzfest tickets for Skrillex stadium shows and making signs that say "Daft Punk Rocks!" at Coachella. A colleague of mine told me that, at his high school, listening to house music was once akin to listening to Judy Garland live albums. Now it's the done thing. Something's in the water and it might well be MDMA.

I'm not sure you really "get it", though. I mean, I'm sure Levon Vincent, Terrence Parker, Juan Atkins and Kenny Dixon Jr get it. But the newbies don't. In fact, us pill-popping redcoats in the old world find it quite funny how much you don't get it. This is a continent that had "Born Slippy" soundtracking political campaigns and school runs alike. We have politicians who have taken pills and DJs who open youth centres. Us watching you get into ecstasy and dance music is how I imagine you probably feel when you see footage of line-dancing classes in Runcorn and hear TGI Fridays waiters "YEE-HAW!"-ing their way to lonely and inevitable suicide.

I've seen your "Camp Bisco", I've heard your Deadmau5 and I thought you might need a little bit of a crash course in the do's and don'ts of rave culture >> Click here for the rest of the story..

Taken from VICE UK

Music / ''''' Adana Twins ""
« on: 31/07/13, 16:31 »

With DJ names like Take It Easy and Friso, it’s probably to be presumed that German duo Adana Twins don’t take themselves too seriously. That tongue in cheek attitude can be heard on “Everyday”, a delightfully loose and languid cut that sounds like a funkier, groovier and, well, slightly less overbearing take on the work of Benoit & Sergio. Despite being propelled forward by a superb synth bassline, it lazily slips from the speakers rather than jumping towards you like a ninja on speed. “Strange” continues in a similar vein, offering a laidback, Soul Clap style cover of The Doors’ “People Are Strange”. With nice pianos. However odd that may seem on paper, it’s actually superb.

Hamburg duo The Adana Twins have been in the limelight of every chart over the past year, topping the poles of Beatport and Resident Advisor respectfully. Their ‘Juicy Fruit’ hit last year took the deep house faithfull by storm picking up huge support across the board from DJs of all genres including Solomun, Pete Tong and Wolf&Lamb.

The unexpected success of their ‘Everday EP’ in February 2012 resulted in a huge tour schedule, a bunch of new remixes and masses of press attention for The Adana Twins. Aside from their hectic worldwide touring schedule, the guys were recently being hosted on Pete Tong’s Radio One and have just remixed tracks for Tiger Stripes, Ilves & Migiva, Viadrina and Kasper Bjoerke.

Adana Twins are playing in sold-out venues now and are causing sit downs during their sets when they pull out their anthems ‘Everyday’ and ‘Strange’.



Taken from NME

A new poll has apparently discovered that the average festival goer would rather spend time taking drugs, having xes and drinking than watching bands perform live.

The poll, run by MSN, quizzed 2,000 people about their festival habits and opinions and found that a quarter of them had slept with a stranger at a festival while 21% had taken drugs and 13% had been in a fight.

Read more on source.

What do you think? sounds familiar? ;D


April 13, 2013

Video source:

Seth Troxler grew up in Detroit and experienced house music firsthand, then moved to Berlin a few years after he finished high school. When the DJ-producer stopped by Rolling Stone's Rock Room during the first day of Coachella, he reflected on how dance music has evolved since he left the States and expressed his skepticism on where it could be going. "Dance music has changed, and just the idea of dance music was really quite underground and not kind of accepted at all from, like, the early-mid-Eighties 'til now," Troxler said.

Coachella 2013: Rolling Stone's Complete Coverage

"I would really prefer if things don't go this way, of the Avicii's and these guys pressing play and thinking that's music," Troxler continued, "because it's the same thing that, say, happened to rock or hip-hop. At some point, things were really good, money got involved, and then you have this pay-to-play system."

As for Avicii, Troxler upped the stakes even further. "If Avicii was here," he said, "I would definitely light dog shit in front of his door."

Interview by Steve Baltin


Ed Simons (pictured above right), one half of The Chemical Brothers, has vehemently expressed what he thinks about the Swedish House Mafia.

He's been publicly critical of one of the group's biggest tunes, 'Don't You Worry Child', slating it as "drivel".

Simons became embroiled in an argument with SHM fan and high profile DJ, Tommie Sunshine, last night on Twitter. Sunshine attacked Simons by saying, "Why is everyone from the roots of this music so fucking salty about the ones who are going mainstream?" The Chemical Brothers man then replied, "this post modern everything's ok attitude is killing interesting dance music, it's an awful awful record, that's all".

This is another example of established figures within dance music biting back at the EDM explosion (see also: DJ Sneak, A Guy Called Gerald, Scuba.) Of course, Simons knows a thing or two about being at the top of dance music and how to make hit records with a considerable amount of ingenuity and style. It seems he's worried about the general homogenisation of mainstream dance music thanks, in part, to EDM. It's a discourse that is becoming ever more familiar (and bitter, in places). Can mainstream dance music appeal to the masses as well as push the boundaries of what is possible?

For now, Ed doesn't reckon the Swedes are up to the job. Do you?


sensasional banget nih SHM, what a business lol ;D ;D

Main Talk / [Hot Creations] Hot Waves 4 Announced
« on: 09/01/13, 15:20 »
Taken from RA News.

Hot Creations sub-label Hot Waves will release its fourth compilation later this month.

Hot Waves Vol. 3 sees a number of new faces joining the label's roster, with the likes of Lil' Mark and Carlo Gambino appearing for the first time. A number of Hot Creations/Hot Waves regulars also feature, including label co-founder Jamie Jones, who turns in an edit of Alexis Raphael'sHNQO follows up last year's Pain ‘n’ Love EP on Hot Creations with a track called "City Lights". The compilation will follow the same pattern of previous instalments, with a vinyl sampler preceding the the full digital release.

01. Buckley feat Ives St. Ange - Back The Tower
02. HNQO feat. Bip - City Lights
03. Simon Baker & Robert James feat. England Brooks - Get Up High
04. Lil Mark - Fat & Destiny
05. Alexis Raphael - Rave (Jamie Jones Edit)
06. Human Life & Anabel Englund - Falling
07. Filthy Rich - Do It Again
08. Tom Ruijg - S For Sticky
09. Denney - Shake The Club
10. Julien Sandre & Dast - Reality
11. Blond;ish, Balcazar & Sordo feat. Bastard Love - Island Eyes
12. Carlo Gambino - Body 2 Body
13. Kameleon - Fuel To The Fire
14. Mike Gill - Furious
15. Mykel Haze & Marco Darko - Computer Love
16. Metrika & Bastard Love - Not My Lady

Hot Waves will release Hot Waves Vol. 3 on January 28th, 2013.


expecting lots of fresh tunes in this mix ofc  8)

Rolling Stones: The 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time

Superstars like Skrillex and Deadmau5 have helped make electronic dance music bigger than ever this year – but party people around the world have been getting down to programmed beats for decades before those guys showed up. At its broadest definition, EDM can cover everything from Chicago house to Dutch gabber to drum 'n' bass to dubstep, from the visionary bleeps of Kraftwerk to the ambient blues of Moby's Play to the synthed-up indie-rock of LCD Soundsystem. With this list of the 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time, we've tried to hit all the high points in that ludicrously varied, constantly evolving mix.

30. Various Artists, ‘Make ‘Em Mokum Crazy’ (Mokum, 1996)
29. Deadmau5, ‘4×4=12’ (Ultra Math, 2011)
28. The Orb, ‘The BBC Sessions 1991-2001’ (Island, 2008)
27. Orbital, ‘20’ (Rhino, 2009)
26. 4 Hero & DJ Marky, ‘Kings of Drum + Bass’ (BBE, 2010)
25. Sasha & John Digweed, ‘Northern Exposure’ (Ultra, 1997)
24. Justice, ‘†’ (Ed Banger, 2007)
23. Paul Oakenfold, ‘Tranceport’ (Kinetic, 1998)
22. LCD Soundsystem, ‘Sound of Silver’ (Capitol/EMI, 2007)
21. Madonna, ‘Ray of Light’ (Maverick, 1998)
20. The Avalanches, ‘Since I Left You’ (Modular, 2001)
19. Underworld, ‘Anthology, 1992-2002’ (JBO/V2, 2003)
18. Michael Mayer, ‘Immer’ (Kompakt, 2002)
17. Aphex Twin, ‘The Richard D. James Album’ (Warp, 1996)
16. Various Artists, ‘Journey Into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story’ (2006)
15. Fatboy Slim, ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’ (Astralwerks, 1998)
14. Skrillex, ‘Bangarang’ EP (Big Beat/Atlantic, 2011)
13. Basement Jaxx, ‘Remedy’ (Astralwerks, 1999)
12. Various Artists, ‘True Spirit, Vol. 1’ (Tresor, 2010)
11. Burial, ‘Untrue’ (Hyperdub, 2007)
10. Kraftwerk, ‘Computer World’ (Warner Bros., 1981)
9. The Prodigy, ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’ (XL, 1994)
8. Daft Punk, ‘Discovery’ (Virgin, 2001)
7. Various Artists, ‘Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Collection’ (Casablanca Trax, 2004)
6. 2 Many DJs, ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol. 2’ (PIAS, 2002)
5. Moby, ‘Play’ (V2, 1999)
4. Carl Craig – ‘Sessions’ (K7, 2008)
3. Juan Atkins – ‘20 Years Metroplex: 1985-2005’ (Tresor, 2005)
2. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ (Astralwerks, 1997)
1. Daft Punk – ‘Homework’ (Virgin, 1997)


Videos / happy birthday seth troxler
« on: 10/10/12, 22:05 »

Videos / No regular play, live at Boiler Room
« on: 22/09/12, 15:15 »

Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn, AKA No Regular Play, met as 8 year olds growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Picking up inspiration from hip-hop and jazz legends such as A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, Greg performed trumpet at local jazz clubs in his teenage years and together they traveled to Cuba’s Havana to study Afro-Cuban rhythm, music and culture. Greg went on to study jazz/classical at the Manhattan School of Music and worked with many jazz & hip-hop musicians in New York before touring with critically acclaimed indie band Beirut.

In 2006 Nick joined Greg in Brooklyn to begin experimenting with electronic music after they attended a Wolf + Lamb party that blew their minds.

Two years later, they met Zev and Gadi of Wolf + Lamb, and immediately began a very close musical and personal relationship. Consequently No Regular Play was born, stylistically touching on a wide range of influences focused around live instrumentation, which is also used in their live sets.

They went on to release many digital and vinyl packages on Wolf + Lamb, including the highly praised "Owe Me" and "Doesn't Matter" EP's. The past year has also seen the release of the “Serious Heat”and “Fall Up to the Sky” EP's on No. 19 Music and Supplement Facts, respectively.


Here is No regular play live at Boiler Room

Videos / Foals - Hummer (Skins - Secret Party) :D
« on: 08/09/12, 14:52 »

Main Talk / Wishlist: Burning Man Festival, Nevada
« on: 18/07/12, 22:50 »

Burning Man Festival

The annual event attracts thousands of people to a barren desert for one week each summer.

They bring their own food, water, and shelter. The ragtag collection of tents and RVs is the setting for an eccentric, colorful bacchanalia. Far from the watchful eyes of police, revelers adopt "desert names," strut naked, dance in the mud, create religions, race in rocket-powered cars, shoot automatic weapons, or do whatever it is they don't get enough of at home

On the last day, they erect and burn a 40-foot tall human effigy.

The festival founder calls this semi-structured anarchy "a laboratory.. for reinventing civilization".

kesana yuk? 8)

Music / I can make your booty bop!
« on: 09/07/12, 20:35 »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

This is a Music Video we did called "Booty Pop" by Albert. Albert is a 6 year old rapper from South Florida. Since the age of 4 he has been playimg piano and singing. No stranger to the spot light this kid has "swag". If you liked the song please click here to buy it on iTunes: ‪ ‬ Thanks for all the support!!! Stay tuned for more to come!
((This video was created by Froze-N-Time Productions. Directed by Tyler Council, Produced by Tyler Council & Cody Lueck, Shot by Cody Lueck, Roberto Garcia, Edited by Tyler Council. Additional crew: Antonio Odums & Nikia Lane. Special Thanks to Please visit: Froze-N-Time (For all your Professional Multi-Media Needs)

Main Talk / Documenting the San Francisco Rave Scene
« on: 22/05/12, 22:51 »

Sudah banyak film yang mendokumentasikan EDM dan Rave culture, tapi belum ada yang pernah bisa mencoba untuk menceritakan awal mula scene ini. Sebuah project film independen yang diprakarsai oleh Martin O'Brien & DJ Jenö berusaha untuk mendokumentasikan Rave scene di San Franscisco era 90-an, dimana saat itu SF menjadi epicentrum perkembangan komunitas Rave di Amerika.

Film ini akan berisi interview dengan sejumlah elemen yang ikut terlibat dalam scene ini antara lain DJ, produser musik, promotor party, artis visual, pemilik record shop dan tentunya orang orang yang berpartisipasi dalam party party underground saat itu.

Proyek ini dimulai pada desember 2010. Untuk tujuan itu mereka membuat sebuah halaman project di guna mencari dana untuk pembuatan film ini yang jumlahnya adalah $20.000. Dana ini diperoleh dari relawan yang ingin menyumbang. Mereka udah dapetin dana untuk melaksanakan proyek ini dari 327 sumbangan hanya dalam waktu 21 hari.

Filmnya sendiri rencananya akan diputar secara terbatas pada awal tahun 2012.

Click here to watch the trailer/teaser.

If you were around San Francisco in the 90′s, it was impossible to escape the colorful, joyous parties of the exploding rave scene. The influence these massive parties had was world wide, still reverberates today and for many was a life changing experience. Now the creative crew at are working on a full length documentary, focusing on the people that experienced those events firsthand and had their lives shaped by the hopeful, yet often misunderstood movement.

This is one of the first films to be made by the very people who where there on the dance floor. We went to the MoFilms studio to meet up with our friend Martin O’brien, executive directer, producer and “excitement manager” to get his take on the time. During the rise of the scene he was instrumental in promoting many of the parties, and in the process he was inspired and changed.

Source.  *bgs* *bgs*


In early 2005, Brooklyn based DJ team Wolf + Lamb set out to build their own DIY dance venue. The duo stumbled upon an old machine shop in Williamsburg and transformed it into what is now known as the Marcy Hotel — a fictitious hotel and underground club.

Music Comes Home at the Marcy Hotel

There’s a steady hum in the air while a faint disco beat emerges from the far end of the loft. The crowd teeming within it is full of lulling conversation regarding “her boring weekend back home in France,” or “the steady decline of his relationship ever since he’s moved to New York.” People are lining up at the makeshift wood-pallet bar to loosen up with not-so-fancy champagne and even less extravagant beer. A few old friends are lounging on 1950s style sofas under the factory windows, which peer into the dimly lit dance floor where Zev and Gadi (a.k.a. Wolf + Lamb) have been playing an after-hours deep house set. For the better part of a decade, this has been one of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets for underground dance music: the Marcy Hotel. Disco balls, infinity mirror lightboxes, and salvaged theater chandeliers are all a part of the art and artifice that contribute to the Williamsburg loft turned makeshift dance club, which has held some of the most memorable parties since its inception.

In early 2005, after DJing and hosting dance parties for a couple of years, we set out to build our own venue. We found an old machine shop in a shady part of town and built it into the Marcy Hotel — a fictitious hotel and underground club. It took us and friends over 6 months to build the place using garbage and old things we found lying around. We discovered local crews liked dumping wooden pallets over by the highway across the street from the Marcy — those became the bars and counters.

A friend had purchased a dilapidated movie theater, and we promptly showed up with a truck to loot the place for raw materials.

Old movie scores on player piano paper made warm lighting panels.

Gadi spent four days grinding down layers of paint from the walls to reveal the original luster for the entrance-way.
Deniz Kurtel, friend and artist from our label, strung together old wire nuts and lugs to make industrial growths.

The two giant spools of a film rewinder made for delicate chandeliers in the front reception and the dance room.

The care and love we all put into the place over the years lent itself to the feeling of the Marcy — that you are in someone’s living room, with a group of friends you’ve known for a long time. We bring people together from New York, from Burning Man, from all over the world to experience our music in its original setting. The dance floor turns back into the label’s main studio once the people are gone.

We opened in 2005 with sheet rock walls, but when we renovated in 2008, we realized the new dance room’s walls needed wood to get that deep and soulful sound. We lined the walls, floor to ceiling, in 80-year-old Catskill pine planks from a handball court the city had torn down. After years of wear and tear, the piano paper settled comfortably as wallpaper in the lounge.

You can’t spend a night at The Marcy without some beats.


108 Marcy Ave (btwn S 2nd & S 3rd), Brooklyn, NY 11211
Hotel, Nightclub, Music Venue

REBELRAVE #8: Wolf + Lamb

Interview taken at The Marcy Hotel and sneek peek to it's parties, featuring the likes of: Deniz Kurtel, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Lee Curtis, Soul Clap, Damian Lazarus, etc

The second part of our USA Special series. We head over to New York into the heart of Brooklyn to find out all about this year's most talked about label "Wolf + Lamb". Renowned for hosting magical parties at their very own Marcy Hotel and for their yearly ventures at Burning Man, these guys have earned respect worldwide and have been awarded "Best Label of the Month" by Resident Advisor with current features in Mixmag in the UK and Debug magazine in Germany.

 8) 8)

Music / Swayzak is return as: S_W_Z_K
« on: 26/04/12, 00:48 »

David Brown will release a new album under the name S_W_Z_K this June on Tresor.

The title is a clear nod to Swayzak, Brown's longtime collaboration with James Taylor, who left the duo last summer to pursue his own projects. At the time Brown said he'd carry on alone as Swayzak (a bit ironic considering the name comes from the Polish for "union" ;D). In the meantime he's continued playing club dates under that banner, though until now he hasn't released any new material since the split.

S_W_Z_K shows Brown taking cues from the erstwhile duo's live act, teaming up with frequent collaborater Richard Davis in the process. "The project was to make sonically powerful music that would work in clubs without necessarily making 'club music,'" he says. "The tracks are very minimal in the sense that no more than ten sounds were used, giving each track space to breathe."

01. 31 Techniques
02. Dimanche Noir
03. Neukölln Mon Amour
04. Meatpackers Memorial
05. Marianne F
06. The Last Drop
07. Elsenstr. 171
08. Classified Dub
09. End of the Line Old Boy

Gonna hunt the leaked D/L source first :p

Music / Kraftwerk to release new album "SOON"
« on: 17/04/12, 12:01 »

Legendary electronica band Kraftwerk have announced a new record. In an interview with The New York Times, founding member Ralf Hütter revealed that the band is currently working on a new record and that it would emerge “soon”. Hütter also commented how the band is still showing the same work ethic hinting as in 1970 referring music's everlasting energy.

“We didn’t fall asleep. The 168-hour week is still going on since the beginning, since 1970. Music is never finished. It starts again tomorrow. The record is just a record, but for us it’s nearly boring. We like better the programs that we can operate with. So we are operating, we are upgrading, we are updating continuously. There’s continuous reprogramming going on, and composition and new concepts are also coming”.

The quartet's last studio album was 2003′s Tour De France Soundtracks, which also marked their first new material in 17 years. The new record is also the first since the departure of lynchpin Florian Schneider in 2008.

"The 168-hour week is still going on since the beginning, since 1970" asedapp 8)

Music / Four Tet - Conference of the Birds Mixtape
« on: 17/04/12, 11:46 »

Here's a new DJ mix that Four Tet uploaded to Soundcloud today, called "Conference of the Birds". "There are new Four Tet tracks in there from the new 12" I just finished...", he tweeted, followed by "TEXT015", which refers to his Text Records imprint.



British guitar group The Stone Roses will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium July 22 at 8pm.

Presented by Lushington Entertainments, the concert is expected to feature hits including “She Bangs The Drums”, “I Wanna Be Adored”, “Waterfall” (see music video below) and “Love Spreads”.

The band, formed in 1989, has won four NME Readers poll awards including, Band of the Year, Best New Band, Album of the Year, and Single of the Year (Fools Gold), and the Mojo Classic Album award. They ended a 15-year split on October 18 last year to begin this series gigs.

Tickets are set to go on sale for $68, $128 and $148 (excluding Sistic fees) on April 12.





Music / Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (unreleased)
« on: 27/12/11, 22:58 »
 8) 8) 8)

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (unreleased)

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