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Original Release / Juggernaut - Away
« on: 08/04/14, 09:42 »

Javabass Recordings is ready to unleash the debut single from their latest artist Juggernaut. This Jakarta based quartet members include who's who in Indonesian music scene such as Marcell (vocal/drum), Iso (keys/synths), Yacko (MC) and Random (synths/sequencer)and have built reputation with their dazzling live shows and excellent variety of dance floor smashers. Their debut single 'Away' is an uplifting number with great vocal from their vocalist/drummer, Marcell that will take you to the next state of euphoria. Juggernaut is definitely bound to make even more noise this year.

Juggernaut's 'Away' is out now via Javabass Recordings and available exclusively at

On April 14th, 2014 it will be available at iTunes, Beatport, Juno Download, Amazon and all your favorite digital stores.

info & Booking: Heru Bunjani 081387770883

Follow Juggernaut

Original Release / Yacko - The Experiment
« on: 28/10/13, 17:52 »

Well, here we are, it’s Wednesday, Oct 23rd, almost one month delayed for the expected release date, Yacko’s 3rd solo album, “The Experiment”, is now officially released and available to be purchased.
The Experiment contains 13 songs that will blast your stereo. The name of the album speaks for itself, collaborating tightly with Random (Javabass), who is well known as a drum n bass/electronic DJ/producer, Yacko is attempting to conduct a venture at something different from her previous album. Random has helped Yacko in the production by blending her rhymes and hip hop sound with a mixture of different elements of music.
It becomes an experimental hip hop album since The Experiment features beats that come straight from range of respected producers from different scene. From Random itself to Mo Charizma (Zero One), HERUWA (Dubyouth & Shaggy Dog), Jaya Aydra (Midnight Quickie), Osvaldo Nugroho & Dixie (The45MF), Dmust Akira,  Doe, Electro Oby and Male. Each fabricate diverse kind of feeling that would kill on the dance floor, from juke, trap, drum n bass, to dub step, jungle and the latest electronic dance music. At times the most striking element is the oppressive bass that swells up which will attract people from just nodding their heads to different kind of style of dancing, which favors fast feet and athletic skill. Collaboration with various musos such as Lloyd Popp, Davina (Extra Large), Raben RVMT, Midnight Quickie, HERUWA and Liquid Silva (Canada) also add strong flavors to this album.

"The Experiment" dari @yacko serasa 'Fast & Furious 8'. One of the best album of 2013! \m/ " - Wendy Putranto (Rolling Stone)

You can order The Experiment by e-mailing your name, address and mobile number to

The single "Ink & Paint ft. Random" is out now on Javabass Recordings at the following digital stores:
Juno Download:
and many more

This album will also soon be available worldwide at all your favorite digital store.


This set was recorded at eARTH an event to celebrate Hurley's latest store in Indonesia and it was held at Lucy In The Sky, Jakarta. This set is a bit different than my usual sets. Initially, I was not allowed to play DNB by the venue. Eventually we met in the middle where I agreed to play a half and half set of non DNB and DNB.

Javabass Recordings are delighted to announce their latest release, a collaboration between their own artist Random and Indonesia's top female hiphop MC, Yacko. In this collaboration the two artists sets out to create tunes that represent their own sounds equally. The result is a mind blowing genre bending track that starts out with bowel shaking 808 kicks and aggresive rap in the style of Southern Trap. Soon enough, the track switches gear to some nasty wobbling drumstep before eventually unleashing its full drum & bass might!. The tittle track is backed with remixes from DTX that brings the nasty meters up a few notch, a playful Trap remix from Random himself and a brand new neurofunk number titled 'Vacuum'.

Out now and available at the following stores and more:

Juno Download:

Random - Ink & Paint ft. Yacko (Random Trap Remix) - JBR009 [Out Now!]

Random - Ink & Paint ft. Yacko (DTX Remix) - JBR009 [Out Now!]

Random - Ink & Paint ft. Yacko (Random Trap Remix) - JBR009 [Out Now!]

Random - Vacuum [Out Now!] - JBR009


To start up your June of 2013, here’s a new remix that I did for Indonesian deep house producer Andezzz’ track ‘Together Again’. In this release, I turn this soulful tune into a more sinister territory before switching gear into lighter more uplifting vibe.

Buy at the following stores:

Juno Download:
DJ download:

A brand new remix of my single 'So Alive'. This time with brand new remix from one of Russia's premier drum'n'bass DJ and producer MAGE. Out now on Liquid Brilliants.

Buy at the following stores:

Juno Download:
DJ Download:
and many more.

- Trackitdown


Out now at the following stores:

Juno Download :
DJ Download:


After almost 3 years of silence, EGRV is back with a pair of new tracks. If you’re expecting the whole in your face wall of sound style that you found in their last effort “Power On Power Off” then you will be slightly disappointed. The thing about these boys is they love being unpredictable. If you follow these boys from back in the day, they have always been consistent in term of releasing materials that constantly keeps you guessing. This release is no different. What you get is a pair of bouncy tech/deep house tracks along the line of stuff being release on Jesse Rose’s Made To Play or Claude Von Stroke’s Dirty Bird. So it’s a whole different direction from the EGRV that we’re familiar with. ‘Just Bounce’ is chugging along with its rolling bassline before breaking down (literally) into a mess of cut up drum breaks. Berdansa which means Dancing is just that! A proper dance number with some weirdo sounding synths elements sprinkled all over the place. In conclusion, this new release is not what we expect from EGRV but it’s a good new direction. Looking forward to hear more stuff like this (even though with these boys, you’ll never know what you’ll get next!).

EGRV – Just Bounce EP is out now on Laxity Recordings and available at

Juno Download:


Live recording of my set at PHUNKTION:84. I was playing earlier set, therefore no anthems here. Darker sound is the theme here. Towards the end things starting to get more uplifting. There's an exclusive track in there, a brand new remix from Celcius Recordings' artis Mage of my last single 'So Alive'. The remix is due out of Liquid Brilliants sometimes in May, so keep your ears & eyes open for that one!.

1. Jungle Jazz – Peshay
2. Micro (Feat Hellrazor) – Lynx
3. Start Again feat. S.P.Y. – Nu:Logic
4. Machine – Chroma
5. Crunch – Wilkinson
6. Regrets – RENE LAVICE
7. Murderer – Eastcolors
8. See Saw – DJ Origin
9. Alone – Audio, Meth
10. Forgiveness (S.P.Y Remix) – Wretch 32
11. Pinch Me – Sabre & Cern
12. Happy 5 – Dub Phizix
13. Bobby Says (feat. Hellrazor & Bobby Esmond) – Lynx
14. Ordinary Ways – Maduk & Nymfo
15. Crossroads – Maduk & Nymfo
16. Where You At – Boosta & Atmos T
17. Pyramid Scheme – Quadrant and Subsonik
18. Confession – Cern
19. Shoot Me Down (feat. Robert Manos) – Nu:Logic
20. Goggles – Fred V & Grafix
21. Funkster – Peshay
22. Killer driller – Amit
23. Never Afraid (Original Mix) – Dementia, Cain Mos
24. Waterline – Makoto & Heavy1
25. I’m a Creator – Dub Phizix and Skittles
26. So Alive ft. Aliya Sachi (Mage Remix) – Random
27. Here (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) – Syron
28. Baiya (Brookes Brothers Remix) – Delphic
29. Stranger In Paradise – Random
30. Get By (Delta 174 Mix) – Delta Heavy
31. Tidal Wave (KillSonik Remix) – Sub Focus
32. Ghost (Random Remix) – Nick
33. Get Free (Andy C Remix) – Major Lazer
34. Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) – Adele


Recorded live at PHUNKTION:83, Jakarta's longest running dnb night and Paranoia Award winner of Serial Event Of The Year. This is the second part of my set. The first part got interrupted by power outage. There are many exclusives and soon to be released originals from my self and DTX.

« on: 05/03/13, 21:04 »
Mr Dymz



Lawrence a.k.a Random, adalah seorang penggerak dari Electronic Groove sekaligus salah satu pentolan Java Bass yang kali ini bekerjasama dengan grup band cult rock asal Jakarta, NICK, untuk memoles track “Ghost”. Random memberikan sentuhan warna musik drum 'n' bass pada salah satu lagu yang nantinya akan dirilis bersamaan dengan peluncuran album terbaru milik NICK yang berjudul Sky Vs Sky, dan versi remix ini menjadikan sebuah track yang lebih dinamis dan matang.  NICK yang beranggotakan  Nicko Krisna (vokal, gitar), yang didukung Yacko Oktaviana Krisna (vokal latar), Adirama Gemmy (gitar), Rizki Anugerah (bas) dan Ade Kris (drum) akan merilis album Sky Vs Sky pada akhir Maret 2013, namun sebelum album ini keluar, NICK dan Random secara eksklusif mengajak untuk memberikan lagu "Ghost" versi remix dari Random untuk di download secara GRATIS. Klik link di bawah ini untuk download.


After slew of releases on his own label Javabass Recordings, Random is ready to follow it up with the brand new ‘So Alive EP’. The title track ‘So Alive’ is an uplifting hands in the air drum’n’bass roller with positive lyrics that celebrate life no matter how hard it gets. It’s a drum’n’bass tune with pop sensibility. The track also features vocal appearance from lead vocalist of Indonesian all girls pop-rock band STOYA, Aliya Sachi.

‘So Alive EP’ is out now exclusively at Juno Download and will be available at iTunes and other digital download stores on March 11,2013


Enjoy! Watch in HD to see all the details!


The 8th episode of Bass In Yo Face is an uptempo high energy sets featuring all the different spectrums of drum & bass. There are plenty of exclusive tunes in there including my latest collaboration with Yacko, a brand new tune from DTX featuring DFMC and a yet to be released remix of Indonesia's electronic band RNRM by me. Have fun and Enjoy!

Follow my Social Networks:


My remix of Andezzz' Electric Lov3 is available as pre-order on iTunes. This release also features remixes from Akira As Astronaughty, Lawrence Aswin, DJ Echa, Osvaldo Nugroho and Kizzaland. Order them now, only Rp. 35.000,-

« on: 28/01/13, 19:37 »
semua dj yg main bass musik ajah...


benefit beli di beatport, kualitas lagu pasti 320kbps  terus lu merasa bangga karena udah support industri music kita!

Javabass Recordings' latest release 'Random & DTX - Analog Science / Losing My Minds' and other releases are available now.

Also available at the following digital music stores:
Juno Download:
Digital Tunes:
DJ Download:


A Night Of Extraordinaire Music

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

At DOMAIN, Senayan City, Jakarta


EGRV x Groove Monkeyz

Visuals by: D

Hosted by: Pay, Oky Juice, Jimmy Fernandes, Cassie, Icha Nurbani, Valdiaz, Blackout Crew, Jerome & Sinto Javabass

We Know it’s Thursday… that is exactly why you need an early jolt to kickstart your loooooooong weekend. Let’s make it happen shall we?

Special promo for Thursday night:
Discount 20% for bottles and pours all night long. Chivas 12yo, Black Label, Absolut, Jose Cuervo

Thank you yang udah dengerin..  glad you guys like it.

Things that we love about making mix for shows like this are:
1. We can play whatever we want and love without worrying about angering or confusing the crowd
2. We control and decide the pace and the peaks & valley of the mix, not the crowd.

thanks for the opportunity guys!

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