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Trance / Re: trance ?? soul?
« on: 17/08/09, 12:59 »
Emotivewear, u r being banned for a while.

Critics are allowed in this forum, unless ure doing it in a harmful way.

RVLX is a peaceful forum, and discrediting certain people, or offending them in not a peaceful way is prohibited!

This is the 1st warning.

Let's make the forum as a peaceful place to be in our scene.




please dont try to provoke anyone here ok? critics should be fine, but please deliver it wisely..
if u think some of the participants are sucks, well u tell us which ones are not?

or maybe start by revealing yourself sir... ;)

sorry to say, but i'm giving u the first warning here before i permanently ban u from this peaceful forum...

provoking is not accepted here, but critism is...

cheers and enjoy your stay


« on: 11/10/07, 17:15 »
ok thats it.

« on: 11/10/07, 16:59 »
dude, what i did was only asking whether u r the same person as ProgreFukker or not. U dont have to write such a railway words to answer that if ure not..

coz from what i saw is that your god damn IP address is the same to his... you moron...

« on: 11/10/07, 16:46 »
so it is true that you are the same person as ProgreFukker?
just answer me on that one will ya?

« on: 11/10/07, 16:24 »

gw hanya kasih pendapat doank..gak boleh ya???
ini forum terbuka untuk indo Dj kan??

Forum ini dibuat untuk komunikasi para dj lokalkan?? ini berfungsi untuk mensupport dj2 lokal supaya lebih maju kan??

atau gw ini sekedar keren-kerenan doank.
isinya gak jauh dari muja-muja dj2senior(Penjilat) doang..

gw udah lama ngikutin ini forum..
capeeee..isinya kalo gak keren2nan alat.ngejilat-jilat

tapi ya sudahlah..atleast kita semua bisa berkomunikasi..

ciee ravelex masuk kompas nih yee..

exorcist, thanks 4 your input about our forum. r u the same as ProgreFukker. Please dont be such a coward. Reveal your true identity if you dare. Otherwise, u better shut your mouth up.


Help & Admin Messages / RVLX BAN/DELETED ACCT LIST!
« on: 11/10/07, 09:41 »
Dear members

Karena adanya oknum2 tertentu yang tidak bertanggung jawab, mau mengacaukan suasana forum ini maka RVLX tidak segan2 untuk men-delete account oknum tersebut. Mulai hari ini, list2 account member yang terbukti melakukan tindakan pengacauan di forum, akan kita list disini.

Kalau ada dari temen2 semua yang menemukan posting2 seperti ini, mohon dilaporkan segera ke admin / moderator.

For those who are making irritating and provocative posts, we will not hesitate to delete your account straightly.

Berikut adalah listnya (akan di update terus)

- ProgreFukker

Thank you and please keep the Peace upon us...

Bandung / New Club In Town looking 4 a resident DJ
« on: 07/03/07, 22:07 »
Bandung newest club in town is now looking for a resident DJ

For more info please contact Fachri @081802170600


Jakarta Events / HOUSE OF RVLX (coming soon...)
« on: 29/10/06, 12:58 »

with some RVLX's finest house DJs

Coming soon...!!
keep on posted..

Be Prepared 4


Spinning DJ Bimzkee (Electrosoul)
3 Hours Set
plus Lingerie Fashion Show with Bandung Models.

Join d groovy & sexy night on saturday 20th May 06 @ Opulence Lounge.
Jl. Ir. H Juanda No. 145,
Bandung - West java

And be sexy with us!!

Special Promo!! Get 2 Bottles of Jack D or Chivas for only IDR 1 Million ++

Be Prepared 4


Spinning DJ Bimo (1945MF)
plus FHM Sexy Dancers.

Join d sexy night this saturday 13th May 06 @ Opulence Lounge.
Jl. Ir. H Juanda No. 145,
Bandung - West java

And be sexy with us!!

Special Promo!! Get 2 Bottles of Jack D or Chivas for only IDR 1 Million ++

Clubs / Venues / THE LOVE IS BACK - LOVE PARADE 2006
« on: 22/04/06, 13:48 »
The Loveparade legend – from its birth to 2006

The Loveparade is already legendary. Beginning as an alternative techno street party with 150 ravers, within a few years it developed into a happy mass dance event with more than 1.5 million visitors. The Loveparade is now seen as the cradle of the German techno and house scenes and every year projects the trends for international music and fashion. A new theme is conceived every year, but the basic idea remains the same: people from all corners of the earth meet up in peace to party, to dance and to have fun in the open air.


1st July 1989 – “Peace, Happiness, Pancakes�? (Peace Love and Unity)

Dr. Motte invited the rather smaller sized techno scene of the time to a peace demonstration. On 1st July, 150 high-spirited ravers passed over the Kurfürstendamm on two floats. The theme was comprised of "peace" for disarmament, "happiness" for better understanding between peoples and "pancakes" for a the just distribution of food resources. The first parade was so small and insignificant that the media fails to register the event, either before or after it took place. Many of the participants from that time are currently major techno and house activists.

7th July 1990 – “The Future Is Ours�?

2000 people and six floats trucks: an increase of more than 1000 percent, the largest increase rate of participants in comparison to the previous year – a milestone record in the history of the Loveparade.

6th July 1991 – “My House Is Your House and Your House Is Mine�?

For the first time the parade is advertised nationwide. This results in 6000 participants from all over Germany including floats from Frankfurt and Cologne.

4th July 1992 – “The Worldwide Party People Weekend�?

After a six-week drought, a rainstorm of the century comes down halfway through the parade. Within the next few hours there fell 90 litres of water per square meter. The atmosphere remains unperturbed by the massive cloud-break. Although some of the audio equipment is not designed to deal with the conditions, 15,000 people danced madly on. There are now by this time a number of techno clubs in Germany and the first two May Day-raves attract great excitement from the techno youth.

3rd July 1993 – “Fifth Anniversary�?

The Loveparade is getting larger and more professional. A total of 31,000 house and techno aficionados come to Berlin for 3rd July. The Loveparade is more international than ever, there are even participating floats from London.

2nd July 1994 – “The Spirit Makes You Move�?

The significance of the Loveparade is evermore increasing. 110,000 techno fans and 40 floats dance their way along the Kurfürstendamm. The continual growth of interest and visitor numbers means the event is becoming more bureaucratic.

8th July 1995 – “Peace on Earth�?

The Loveparade is moved from the first weekend of July to the second. The number of visitors, 280,000, increases threefold in comparison to the previous year. It is unbelievably hot. The theme is "Peace On Earth" because of the war in Bosnia.

13th July 1996 – “We Are One Family�?

In spring, the Loveparade GmbH Company is established. The name and logo of the parade are both now registered and protected brand names. The Kurfürstendamm is now too small for the numbers of visitors so another site is required. 750,000 ravers came on 13th July to dance along the “Straße des 17. Juni�? to Ernst Reuter Square and then on to the Brandenburg Gate. The parade turned around there and made its way back to the Victory Column, where for the first time a final rally and an introductory speech from Dr. Motte are given. The official compilation reached No. 6 in the German Album Charts.

12th July 1997 – “Let the Sunshine in Your Heart�?

The sun was shining on the heads and in the hearts of over one million techno lovers who danced euphorically alongside some 50 floats through the Tiergarten. For the first time an official single and music video were released to coincide with the Loveparade. „Sunshine“ reached No. 5 in the German Single Charts. And the whole world was talking about the mega-party in the middle of Berlin.

11th July 1998 – “One World One Future�?

For the first time in the history of the Loveparade, the number of visitors exceeded over one million people. The floats drove in two columns: the first beginning at the Brandenburg Gate, the other from Ernst Reuter Square. Everyone was able to enjoy themselves without incident despite the occasional rain showers. Dr. Motte’s speech was broadcast live by five German television stations.

10th July 1999 – “Music Is the Key�?

In glorious sunshine, over 1.5 million people danced to the beat from sound systems of up to 20,000 watts mounted on professionally designed floats. From everywhere whistles can be heard, the accessory all ravers had to have that year. This was the year that the so-called “Love showers�? were first use: sponsors refreshed the dancing hordes with pumped water.

8th July 2000 – “One World One Loveparade�?

The Loveparade becomes an export phenomenon. Techno parades are organised in other countries such as Austria, England, Israel and Mexico. The original version in Berlin hosts over a million visitors.

21st July 2001 – “Join the Love Republic�?

In its thirteenth year, the Loveparade is no longer granted demonstration status. Regardless, visitor numbers are almost equal to that of the previous year there is - per usual - a bombastic atmosphere. One million people party peacefully in the middle of Berlin. The parade becomes a mirror of society: from extroverted ravers in sun-flower bikinis and hair-shirts, mother and fathers with pushchairs, sightseers or screaming teenagers, all are entranced by the techno beat dancing together in the July sunshine. In around ten hours, 250 DJs perform on the 45 floats. Deutsche Bahn provides 78 extra trains transporting some 280,000 people to and from the parade.

13th July 2002 – “Access Peace�?

Reports of purportedly planned terror attacks and storm weather warning have little negative impact on the atmosphere. Although there are fewer visitors to the Loveparade than previously, still some 700,000 fans dance peacefully through the Tiergarten demonstrating that violence does not have a chance.

12th July 2003 – “Love Rules�?

Although the preamble to the Loveparade was dominated by discussions regarding financing, the event takes place as usual to the delight of all participants. 750,000 people follow some 30 floats one of which, for the first time, is a dedicated Loveparade float. Small showers cannot disturb the party atmosphere but are welcome refreshment for the boiling dancing mass. The final rally is greeted by sunshine and all the visitors are unanimous: it was an unforgettable experience!

Cancellation 2004 ...

For 15 years long, people from all other the world danced together through Berlin at the Loveparade: The first time was 1989, the last in 2003. The financial problems began in 2001. This was the year that the event lost its demonstration status. The event organisers were themselves required to meet all costs from this point in time. 1999 was a record year with 1.5 million visitors, from 2001 there was a slight decline in visitor numbers. Three-quarters of a million ravers danced the last time in the Tiergarten. There were in reality numerous interested sponsors, but there was still no way of underwriting the high costs. In 2004 to the grief of its many fans, the Loveparade was cancelled for the first time. It did not take place in 2005 either.

... and the Comeback 2006

In 2006 the Loveparade shall at last be held again after a two-year sojourn. The buzz generated by this peaceful free dance event is as intense as ever.
Techno has established itself as a music direction in its own right and is continuously progressing. This trend will be reflected in the Loveparade 2006. Electronic dance music is all its forms - from house to techno to drum’n’bass to electro-pop – shall impel the dancing of millions. Top DJs from the best clubs in the world shall perform on highly-professionally equipped floats.


SA, 15. JULI 2006

Guys.. iseng2 yuk... lo semua kalo pergi ke club... barang2 apa aja yang wajib lo bawa... kayak henfon, inhaler, jimat, senter kecil, digicam, pancingan, kaos kaki butut, hehehe etc.... sebutin ya guyss.. buat lucu2an aja...

kwek kwek kwek....

Main Talk / Re: Introduce yourself :)
« on: 20/02/06, 16:51 »
wah admin nya juga harus ikutan kenalan nih?

ya udah kenalan deh.. nama saya donal bebek, kalo versi bulenya donald duck. Sebenernya saya gak cinta2 amat ama EDM, cuman kalian tau sendiri paman saya yang terkenal kikir itu kan? Nah saya punya utang sama dia, drpd rumah saya disita ya udah saya ngerjain ravelex deh. Ya lama2 jadi suka juga sama EDM n komunitasnya.

Pekerjaan sehari2? ya jagain ravelex n ngelapin koin emasnya sang paman tercinta... hehehe... tinggal di kota bebek, kalo versi bulenye duckburg...umur saya? wah berapa ya.. hehehe

saya juga bisa nge dj sedikit2... tapi suka ga sabaran n marah2.. heuheuhue... ya udin.. segitu aja kali ya...

kwek kwek kwek....

Main Talk / Introduce yourself :)
« on: 13/02/06, 22:56 »

Gimana kalo kita bikin thread untuk masing2 memperkenalkan diri. Terserah mau nyebut nama asli atau nggak. Trus nyebutin juga profesi, apakah dia dj, event organizer, records store owner, dj school owner, pesulap, koki, or anything lah. Mungkin punya suatu obsesi tersendiri, atau ada juga yg pingin sharing info or anything (yang berhubungan dengan dance scene) sehingga join di ravelex ini.

Gimana2? Setuju gakkk??? mungkin dari yang paling bawel di ravelex bisa mulai memperkenalkan diri... hihihi...

kwek kwek kwek...

« on: 25/01/06, 00:40 »
Hindarilah mendengarkan suara2 dalam volume tinggi, sebab dampaknya dapat menimbulkan penyakit acoustic neuroma, tumor lunak dalam saraf pendengaran. Penyakit ini bisa mengakibatkan kehilangan pendengaran. Itulah temuan para peneliti dari Ohio State University, Amerika Serikat, yang dipublikasikan belum lama ini.

Mereka telah meneliti 146 orang yang mengidap acoustic neuroma. Para pasien diwawancarai tentang kebiasaan mereka mendengarkan suara yang cukup keras. Hasilnya, orang yang sering mendengarkan musik yang keras punya risiko tinggi terkena penyakit tsb. Peringkat berikutnya adalah orang yang sering mendengar suara mesin dan bunyi perkakas pembangunan konstruksi, disusul orang yang kerap mendengar suara motor.

Penelitian yang dimuat dalam American Journal of Epidemiology itu juga menyimpulkan, semakin lama orang sering mendengar suara keras, semakin besar risikonya terkena acoustic neuroma. Itu sebabnya peneliti menganjurkan orang menggunakan pelindung telinga jika harus bekerja di lingkungan yang bising.

Source: Majalah TEMPO, 22 januari 2006

guys, please check the front page of

or click on the top right corner of your screen. because, entering nominees names wont effect anything on the Online Voting System.

Thank you for your attention


Visual Jockey / Re: vj itu apaan yah?
« on: 14/12/05, 13:02 »

Trade Zone / Forum Jual Beli / Re: cari VCD ato DVD
« on: 14/12/05, 12:38 »
Hi there,

Dulu sih kita nemu It's All Gone Pete Tong di salah satu tukang DVD di Menteng secara gak sengaja. Well kita coba beli n ternyata, its a great and very inspiring movie. Jadi kita pikir kalo mau dapetin DVD2 judul itu, coba aja ubek toko DVD kayak di Mall Ambasador, atau di Mangga Dua. Kita pernah punya kok 24 Hour Party People, Groove, n It's All Gone Pete Tong. So saran kita, datengin aja tempat2 jual DVD, kalo saran kita sih di Mangga 2 Mal, karena stok film lama pun mereka biasanya punya. Moga2 ngebantu.

Happy Hunting...

Katanya skrg nomineenya udah masuk 3 besar utk tiap kategori. Pihak HRFM bisa kah announce nominator2 tiap2 kategori supaya lebih fokus?

Thank You.

Clubs / Venues / Re: Indian beat to hang out
« on: 24/11/05, 20:22 »

elo coba CJ's deh, kayaknya siihh.. dia muter2 lagu india. tapi coba di cek n ricek aja. Atau coba contact management retro. Dulu kayaknya pernah komunitas india bikin party disitu. Kalo gue ga salah.. kwek kwekk...

trus.. yang dulu maen si doel tuh juga dgr2 dj yg mainin lagu india.. siapa tuh namanya yg idungnya bengkok.. adam stardust kl ga salah ya. Kmrn MD Entertainment bikin acara gathering gitu kayaknya pake dia n disco timenya ya bhangra style gitu. haha...

good luck deh don... kwek kwek...

Main Talk / Re: congrats ravelex forum
« on: 24/11/05, 12:37 »
Hi everyone. thanks for the compliments.

Perkenalken saya donal admin bantuan selain gober. Saya cuman mau pesen, kita harus jadiin sarana ravelex ini as a positive media to develop our scene ya.. jgn di jadiin alat politik or ajang menghujat orang. Ya udah itu aja.

Love u all.

New Admin  ;D ;D

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