ACID 029

  • Yogyakarta
  • since2005
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager Holza
  • ph. 08567222285
  • Jln. Seturan III Gg. Mangga No. 42 Rt/Rw. 12/01, CT-Depok Sleman-Yogyakarta 55281
ACID 029
Swift Spinning Mind

It was began with the friendship of three young man: JOVAN BLADE, TOMO and UCOXZ. These three young man were very concerned about dance scene in Jogjakarta.

-Mr. UCOXZ is no doubt a truly party geek. This man is loves by everybody still keeps his pants on, with no boundaries. Man who really experienced in clubbing scene, because his background was in majority clubs were extra ordinary. He more like the god father of Dance Scene in Jogjakarta.

-RADENMASTOMO is one "lone cowboy" who loves graphic very much. This man who has background as a graphic designer also learn how to spin as well this day. Man who behind almost all of the creative things that has to do with dance scene in Yogyakarta, and not mentioning some cities that he has designed for.

-JOVAN BLADE is well-known DJ in this city, starting his first geek back in 1993. And now, with his great and splendid career, he already joined in one of the greatest DJ management in Indonesia, called 1945 MF. His performance always rock the dance floor, where ever his spinning.

These three, single, ambitious young men were start to do their works back in 2003, by planning their first geek in Jogjakarta. Got the support from their channel in other cities such as Jakarta, Bali and Bandung, they create a massive rave party ever in jogja such as VOLCANO HIGH & FHM DANCE REVOLUTION,and it was a great BLAST! Not only creating geek for dance scene, the three of them also became the consultants for this area (dance scene) in the city. The three of them declared that they are "ACID 029 management" Swift Spinning Mind are their motto. Almost all of the succeed party and rave in Jogjakarta, we could see obviously that their hands were on it. Having the great experienced and well taught by nature and also have a great channel, makes ACID, become one most respected crew in town. Now days, they also has re-generated the young peoples to become one of their members.

There are more DJs under their respected Flag..!!!


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