• Jakarta
  • since2009
  • Artists Management Recordings
  • Manager Andre Dunant
  • ph. 083890708080
  • JL. Flamboyan 3 No. 47. Taman Modern Jakarta Timur 13910
Inspired by the vivid dance scene in South East Asia, AudioLineXtreme is an independent dance music label that finds its orgins in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Founded in 2009, we mainly focus on deeper, more melodic techno and progressive.
Our roster of acts exist of both young and renowed DJs and Producers, such as Robin Kampschoer, Andre Dunant, Emilienday & Myra Alexa to name a few.
AudioLineXtreme supports a select band of artists on releases and connected tours, giving each individual artist a platform to reach their potential with the aim of furthering their intelectual capacity as much as possible.
AudioLineXtreme doesn't pretend to be a leading brand but confidently promotes and supports each artist's unique presentation of their creative work.
The AudioLineXtreme Family is dedicated to finding new ways of both enhancing and furthering the unique appeal of this special kind of electronic music.


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