Bagong Digital

  • Jakarta
  • since2008
  • Recordings
  • Manager DJ Dimitri / Dimas Ramadian
  • ph. 087883345669
  • Jl H Batong III/11 Cilandak Barat Jakarta Selatan 12430
Bagong Digital is a new digital record label that was established by DJ Dimitri from Acid DJs Indonesia since 2007. It was based on his beliefs and concerns that Indonesia, as one of the hippest electronic dance scene in the world, has many potential dance music producers waiting for their chances. It has become Bagong Digital mission to introduce these dance music producers into the global electronic dance music scenes, and envision them to be the eminent world’s DJs and producers. In the early 2008, Bagong Digital started selling records globally and making one’s dreams a reality.


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