• Jakarta
  • since2009
  • Event Organizer Artists Management Recordings
  • Manager Reza
  • ph. 081585351234
  • Bendi street BII No. 39 Tanah Kusir South Jakarta - Indonesia T: +62 815 8535 1234
We are an industrial trance music that will develop the genre of trance in Indonesia and the world, by entering the dimensions of an imaginary world of trance.

over view :

the black in futures recording indonesia have been developing for one year of simple start up to be the institution that it would affect in indonesia , and will overtake some brand in indonesia to become the name of dance at this planet .

since the start of the year 2010 , the black in futures have been developing and a spiral to reach a height of raise this new the production of dance music . the name of the black in futures symbolizing history and progress the music to the dance in the world night , play to a multitude of capacity in indonesia and international with a date the tour of best in many an arena / the foremost place and a club in indonsesia nor the world .

the team the production of black in futures consistently would cooperate with the a label best in indonesia and also globe to ascertain the tour of stay fresh and give the jaw drop showing the production of the best visual , this and will be a forerunner of electronic dance in indonesia nor the world

We will continue to bring you the sound and production of tomorrow!


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