Cuebox Soundustry

  • Palembang
  • since2008
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager kelik radinka
  • ph. 087897722220
  • jln kartini no 2 palembang
formed early in 2008, starting from yudha, Lexi, and Kelik. proved by the seriousness of them to make large-scale event that quality in Palembang. cuebox soundustry is a label that is taken into account in Palembang. not only in Palembang cuebox soundustry create events at major clubs outside like Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and other big cities.

cuebox soundustry first label filled with the concept of the show with playing quality music. cuebox soundustry have a vision and mission to change the electronic dance music in Palembang higher quality and promote the dance floor at Palembang.


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