Enemy DJ Production

  • Surabaya
  • since2007
  • Artists Management
  • Manager Ian Startrack
  • ph. 081216224228
  • office 1 Jl. Rungkut Medokan Ayu, Putra Bangsa 3D no 32 surabaya. office 2 and studio jl.hb jassin no 66 kecamatan kota selatan provinsi gorontalo.
Surabaya record label Enemy DJ Production doesn’t really need an introduction. But to be sure you know where Enemy comes from and where this diverse and steady growing record company is heading for in the future, here’s a few facts that deserve your attention.
Enemy was founded back in 2007 by Ian Startrack. The company celebrates its fourth anniversary in 2011 and has brought a range of quality releases over the past years, which resulted in many competition which held around. The Surabaya-based label works with and manages some of the talented names in dance music industry, like Nofree Saiko, Bayz Milagros, Agatha Hikari, Windz Agraciado, Fred Versloot, Elle Emo and of course Ian himself. Working together with the Enemy team, these artists and their individual labels – collaborate with Smooth DJ School ( SDJ ). But it doesn’t stop there.
At first Enemy focus of Management DJ (Disc Jokey) only. Passed over the time Enemy DJ PRODUCTION began to add some movement in any areas such as event organizer, DJ Equipment, MC, VJ, DJ Course, DJ Management, etc.. In 2008, Enemy had headquartered in the District 99 building and after that, In October 2009 moved to the office / base camp which had headquartered in Rungkut Medokan Ayu Putra Bangsa Blok D/3 32, Surabaya-Indonesia. In that place, has a facility such as Home DJ Course & Home Recording for digital audio. Now , Enemy has a second basecamp which located in Malang.
We work with all the established Indonesia clubs, colleges and festivals & globally have an excellent rapport with venues in all national territories.


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