• Bandung
  • since2012
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager Edward Revalino
  • ph. 081223452778
  • Jl. Sekeloa Selatan No. 16, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

On November 2012, DJ ERP in conjunction with DJ Dixie 1945MF built a music management called Mystical Music Management which is a sub management of 1945MF Bandung and has been launched since 22 December 2012. On January 2013 the name of Mystical Music Management has been changed to Glorious Music Management eventhough the management still the same. Also build in Glorious Music Management a community for electro music lovers called Natus Factione. Glorious Music Management is attached to B.D.M.C (Bandung Dance Music Community) and supported by one of the biggest cigarette company in Indonesia. Glorious Music Management based in Bandung.

Vision, Mission, and Strategy

Vision : Glorious Music Management is a qualified management in electro music industry in Indonesia and overseas.

Missions :

1. To entertain electro music lovers by Glorious’ high quality artists .

2. To be a qualified place for talents and every electro music lovers to gain ability and networks.

3. Broadened the management to overseas.

Strategy: Improving and managing talents’ skill and networks.


Glorious Music Management devided into 2 area of work, which are :

- Natus Factione focusing on being a community for electro music lovers; and

- Glorious Music Management which managing talents/artists, such as:

1. DJ : electro musicians who have good skills, great sense of music, and abilities in using Turntable and CDJ. Most of them influenced by music genre such as House, Tech House, Progressive, Breaks, etc. Glorious DJs are well-attitude artists.

2. Glorious Ladies : Glorious Music Management also managing beautiful and well-attitude ladies to be Models and Dancers and perform in events.

3. MC : Glorious’ MCs are creative and energetic MCs who skillful on making an event more gloriously.


The trigger, builder, and the CEO of Glorious Music Management is Edward Revalino or also known as DJ ERP.



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