Javabass Soundsystem

  • Jakarta
  • since1999
  • Event Organizer Artists Management Recordings
  • Manager Sintorini
  • ph. 0811146753
  • Jl. Madrasah no 50. Gandaria Selatan Jakarta 12420

For more than 12 years now Javabass Soundsystem has made a strong impact in the Indonesian dance scene and this evidently found at the various drum n bass events happened throughout the last decade , from the earlier Junglably Loud, the legendary Artcore Nation to the more up-to-date sessions like Therapy , BOOMBOX and foremost the award winning PHUNKTION, that not only became the ground zero and longest running Drum n Bass night also is the longest running monthly event since 2003 in country .

The establishment of Javabass itself has spread not only in Jakarta, also out to different cities, prompting them to broadening the scope of Indonesia’s & South East Asia drum n bass scene. Collaborations were soon followed with other respected Indonesian & International labels and promotors, bringing from the most oldskool underground warehouse raves like Higher Level, Rhythm Unity, ReActivateTheBass to the biggest commercial and International raves in Indonesia such as Jakarta Movement, Dance Republic, and recently 2010's PARADISE IN BALI that set the record to be the biggest Drum N Bass event in South East Asia.

In 2008 Javabass push the Indonesian jungle scene further by forming "Javabass Recordings and launch series of the “HOMEGROWN” album, it’s a compilation of Indonesian Drum ‘n’ Bass to be the show case of the emerging new breed of local DnB producers and take the Indonesian jungle scene to another level. It was also nominated by REDMA as Album of The Year and became top 10 hitters in radio dance chart.

After spreading Drum’n'Bass throughout Indonesia for over 10 years, another highlight was when the crew got recognize by the Indonesian Dance community by awarding them with the " Special Dedication Award " during REDMA 2009 for the perseverance in spreading the virus of jungle music

2012 is here and there is no turning back for the crew, not only still pushing the DnB parties hard around the nation, the recording labels also step up the pace by doing collaboration with well known label the " 45MF" to manage for worldwide releases so the Indonesian DnB producer can show the good talents their got to the international scene.

Drum n Bass Sampai Mampus !! Lets Roll !!


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    s0nty "dance like nobody watching" ;)
    5 years and 9 months ago
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    Mardial rewind dulu sob
    6 years and 3 months ago
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    phuture89 My fav label/management/promotor! REAL EDM KNIGHTS!
    6 years and 8 months ago