• Yogyakarta
  • since2013
  • Artists Management
  • Manager Nandakasih
  • ph. 087738725458
  • JL. Asem Gede Ruko 19B Sambirejo, Krangkungan Sleman Yogyakarta
Starting from 3 DJ friendship (Deddi Mahardika, Evanjoris, and Abass Godewyn) who come together with a sense of common purpose and ultimately Date 27-03-2013 born LAB RECORD, DJ Management who has the vision and mission to enliven the development of EDM in Indonesia, especially in Jogjakarta. As time went on to strengthen the character of the stage action figure of an MC as "Crowd Controller" we entrust to MC Swissaldy which has metamorphosed into HOYA MC. Management order is different, so we bring treats a variety of genres with additional Featuring Live PA and as Vocal, Guitar, Percussion, and even up to the unification of two elements of modern art music and traditional arts, is an innovation that we bring EDM character. LAB own laboratory on which to base meaningful exploration and innovation especially in the world of EDM.
LAB RECORD DJ not only management, but we also set up a DJ school as a place young children's creativity and the development of EDM lover by the name of DJ LAB SCHOOL RECORD. Basic material to produce an EDM song material that we offer.


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    Lab record hikksss blm di approve admin
    5 years and 4 months ago
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    AbassGodewyn lab record :D
    5 years and 5 months ago
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    evanjoris hallooo....artis nya nanti..nanti yg upload adminnya..yg penting data dah masuk semua
    5 years and 5 months ago
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    DeddiMahardika hello...lab record Yeahhh!!!
    5 years and 5 months ago