• Jakarta
  • since2007
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager Suryani Asikin
  • ph. 08111893606
  • Jl. Bumi No.8 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12120
Microchip is a vision that was unintentionally formed, with the base of our fierce interest in music and its growth.

Driven by two individuals with different backgrounds and characters, Alvin K – an experimental short film and clip Director who was based in Australia; and Indra7 – a heavy-metal enthusiast and member of one of a well-respected underground electronic band, Media Distorsi; Microchip has now evolved into one of the most favourite labels in Jakarta to meet with during the weekend or any other joyful times.

Initially our basic idea of Microchip was very simple, to channel our hobby as well as entertain our friends with our overflowing ideas of electronic music. We started out with a regular event, GLIMPSE, which was also the first tech house event in Indonesia. But in the end, it actually carried on to a larger scale and has been enjoyed by a much more sizeable circle. This particular fact triggered our enthusiasm to actually take this idealism of ours and target it towards a few different segments.

From thereon, we created: SQUEEZE YOUR LEMON - an event for people who live in an urban lifestyle, with good house music that tend to captivate this particular crowd; MUSIC BOX - an interactive event that lets the crowd request songs from a variety of picks from our so-called ‘music-box’; and DOTS ROOM EXHIBITION - where we gave life to the marriage between the club scene and art.

Evidence of Microchip’s existence in this industry has also been supported by fabricating the new years event “SOUNDS OF GILI 2008” on the Gili Islands of Indonesia, a collaboration between Microchip with Basement House and Juice magazine.

Following that, Microchip has joint forces with a few other labels such as Echosystem, Javabass, Future10, Quirk It!, 360 ent, Blackout, Crime Scene and Chrome, to develop a tri-monthly event, HIGHER GROUND, that is aimed to sustain the true spirit of electronic music events.

Still holding strong onto our principles, vision and mission, that we have made well-suited towards the culture and trend development, we are extremely sure that one day Microchip will be able to be one huge institution to accommodate the creative ideas from all sorts of of art forms and mediums, that are able to be enjoyed together.


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