Pulaupasir foundation

  • Lampung
  • since2004
  • Artists Management
  • Manager Ryan Madya Nandasyah (Phuture89)
  • ph. 081929926888
  • jl. Mawar No.4 Rawalaut Bandar Lampung - Lampung 35127 Sumatera - Indonesia

Pulaupasir foundation [PPF] is an entertainment company specialized in organizing parties, DJ Management and Promoter under CV. Swara89. The company is dedicated to dance music industry throughout Lampung, land of Sumatera and our lovely Indonesia. PPF has dedicated Special Dedication by Redma 2009 and EO/Promotor Of The Year Nominee by Redma 2011. By now, One of their founder & dj Ryan Madya aka Phuture89 become a Sumatera DJ Of The Year by Redma 2011 and Rank 26 on 2011 by Redma Top 50.

PPF also known as the creator of The Beats Of Sumatera (TBOS) series, as known as a "Serial Event Of The Year Nominee by Redma 2011", a unique electronic dance music event with all best sumateran dj's & national dj's live performances on each series time by time.

The underground scene in Indonesia has shown a massive growth in the last view years. The interest of people in Sumatera - Indonesia into Electronic music is getting bigger, following the variety of music that became the trend in Indonesia, e.g. House, Tech House, Progressive, Trance, Techno, Electro, Dubstep, DnB and many more. This can be seen from the interest of the audience and their choices of different DJs. Pulaupasir foundation have made their own rooftop party, warehouse party and 1st Big Massive Rave Party in Lampung called Deejay Vu Beach Party on March 2006 at Puri Gading Beach. The party is organized by Pulaupasir foundation for the development of Underground Music Scene in Lampung, Sumatera. The estimate of 1500 people will come from all around Lampung. Untill now, PPF always made a several local rave called Project Ruang Kosong, TBOS rave series and Bass Culture as an annual Rave Party here in Lampung.

Pulaupasir foundation is aiming to growing edm scene in Lampung & Sumatera as it is getting bigger each year. Today is the time to have the major exposure of Dance Culture where DJs mystically become ‘the God’ in each party organized. For sure, people in Indonesia respects the DJs profession like in other countries.

Dance Culture in Lampung and Indonesia has specific market segmentation between ages 18 – 35 with core range of age 20 – 30 years old.

Clubbing Scene in Indonesia has become a lifestyle it self in Sumatera & every singel major big city especially Jakarta, Bandung Bali, Surabaya. Their citizens are the people that need entertainment and craving to attend huge & proper party has grown significantly.

PPF means proper events, proper DJ's, a local pioneer, always stand up between the underground & the mainstream, coz' we believe that all kind of electronic dance music have it own way to sending a happiness for every singel ravers.

Vive Le Lampung, Vive Le Dance Music Movement!


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