• Yogyakarta
  • since2009
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager eRno
  • ph. 02746500123
  • Fel & Co. Store Ringroad Maguwoharjo KM 1,5 No. 12 Jogjakarta
SoulMotion is a DJ, VJ, MC management and event organizer in Jogjakarta. We started from June 24, 2009 with three founders (Alan Aksan, Felix Ferdian & Christian Robert).
Magnifisoul & Soulphisticate is our annual party program in Jogjakarta.
Now on we have 10 talent of DJ, VJ & MC.
For more info please call: 0274-6500123
Visit our website:
Or follow our twitter: @SoulMotionDiJ
Thanks You.


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    christian robert Yihaaaaaaaaa...
    7 years and 1 month ago
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    echaaaa camel keren ! suka banget gw pas dia MC-in gw di jogja
    7 years and 1 month ago
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    christian robert Aseeeeeek..
    7 years and 1 month ago