Sound Of Zeus

  • Jakarta
  • since2005
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager Ali
  • ph. 888
  • Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 99D, Jakarta, Indonesia
Inspired by the hottest club in Indonesia, and even considered as one of the best club in the world; Stadium.
SOZ was first established and discovered by DJ Ali and DJ Windo, whom are now leaders of this fine label.

This organization is one of few Label’s who had gigs and collaborations with world class DJ’s such as DJ Marcos from UK, Kasey Taylor, Randy Katana, Simon & Shaker, Abel Ramos, Steve Gerrald, Fedde Le Grand and Niki Belucci, Chirs Lake, Sergio Flores, Dousk, Goodgrip, Colette, Chris Reece, Dennis Ferrer and many more..

One of the most contributive factors to our success should be credited to the massive support we get from other local labels, as well as other local DJ’s such as Anton Wirjono from Future 10, Riri Mestica from Spinach Recording, Remy Irwan from Dafkaf Inc., Romy from 1945MF, Wingky from Junko, Naro from Original Naro, Bimo from Filter Management, Bhokero from Sound Syndicated, Ai Moonchild from Whiteland, Cello from M1/43, Agoose & Deny from Clubhoppers, Ardi Pite & Rim from Electra 666 and lots of others..

SOZ represents the all round sound of the music today. We put out House/Progressive/Tribal/Trance and a whole lot of different mixes to our music.

SOZ members are DJ ALI, DJ WINDO, DJ JEIDA, DJ ZIE, DJ OBY, DJ YASMIN, DJ FREAKY, DJ AYU, DJ DEWA and also MC JOEY. Sound of Zeus also have sub-label management called UNITED SOUL with members are DJ TB, DJ RIVA, DJ BANGKIT, DJ WINDU.

We’re looking forward to party it up with all you people. Be prepared and be ready for more events coming up from SOUND OF ZEUS throughout this year.


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