STARTED Management

  • Jakarta
  • since2010
  • Event Organizer Artists Management
  • Manager Anthonio Danish
  • ph. 081287876449
  • Jl. Jakarta blok M no.13a komp. Mega Cinere
Starting from the competition in held in early 2010. containing 6 dj's that have the characteristics of electronic dance music of various types from house, techno, progressive, and trance. which aims to channel the talents of the finalists who competed in RAVELEX CAMPUS DJ Championship. participate in the developed process and music creativity in Indonesia that aims to accommodate the aspirations of the human musical as well as a container dealer. and want to prove that competition can channel dj talent not only through the battle arena but also through the expertise to bring a crowd to dance with the flowing of the play.

the talents :

* REIHAN arikanami - Started
* DITOX trance4life - Started
* ARFPADANG - Started / Barcode Jakarta
* IAZ Started
* Doxx Started
* Anthonio Danish Started
* Asking Started - Rumus
* Feby Emani - Started / The Club Score!
* MC RizQ Started
* VJ Eyespinner Started
* A&D Audio Visual Set

* Adam Mansion - Started
* Rae Mansion - Started
* RizkyCore Sixth Sanse - Started
* Jie Started

contact to persoanlity :
08179941984 (Rizki) or 081287876449 (Arfpadang)


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