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John Emmanuel a.k.a Jonskee began his carrier in the Broadcasting as an Announcer, Scriptwriter, and Program Director of a radio in Bali.
His passion towards music appeared in Junior high school, started from several genre of music, such as Hiphop, Electro, Britrock, Breakbeat, Industrial, Reggae, and Hardcore.
Jonskee, who loves everything about Jamaica, has also been organizing a Drum n Bass & Jungle Movement in Bali since 2007 as Bali Subculture (an organization for Drum n Bass, Jungle, and Dubstep DJs and MCs in Bali).
As one of the Founders of a Scene, which is still reputed as Underground, he began the Movement by playing on the street until it has attracted people from many levels, who starts to love this one of the Subgenre of electronic Music.
Now it has successfully become a moderately known Scene in Bali. But he is not attached to this on Genre of music, he has also been the Host for other music gigs, such as Hiphop and other electonic music gigs.
He joined in Oracle Soundlab and 1945MF make him concentrate more with the global electronic music scene.
He even gets requested to other non music events. One of Jonskee, who adores MassiveDose Beats, powerful character is his Raggamuffin style. At last but not least, he just wants to say “Let’s take over da’ Dance floor, and Dancing like there’s no tommorow!”

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