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  • playingprogressive trance
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Andika Pratama Rustam also known as Andioq started his musical debut as a DJ in November 2008 for 25 hour party organizer, After his debut he applied for Rumus DJ school and started his courses until March 2009.
Not long after he finished his courses at RUMUS DJ School, he started to plan making a website with a radio in it. Alongside with his friend Angga Pratama aka DJ Doxx, they started to make a web streaming radio with a niche target market.
Because of their background in Electronic Dance Music, they chose Indonesian Dance Music as the main silver lining of their program.
The name homses or Home Session became the name of that radio. Because of the catchy name and the fresh new concept of Internet Radio in Jakarta make Homses web radio a breakthrough in the Indonesian Electronic Dance Music scene.Andika is the main management person behind the strategy and operations of Homses Web Radio.
Andika is struggling to keep the spirit of Indonesian Dance Music Producers and Djs to prosper with Homses Web Radio and bringing the Indonesian Electronic Dance Music scene to an international level.
As far as music goes, Andiq style preferences are pumping beats with trance elements

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