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Hi Ravelex.. My name is Mc AltonZ
i am one of new commer MC's in Jakarta.. still looking for Experience, many social Links, Hope i can get a warm welcomed here.

I was doing Mc - ing for the first time because the club music are enjoyable.

Thanks to Dj Choxx from M1/43 Sound to taking me to get around the night Club and Introducing me to MC Axl from M1/43 Sound.

Mc AXl is one of my favorite MC on that time.. He Encorage & Supporting me to hold the mic for the first time.

Followed By time. I've meet MC Andika & MC Dade around 2012 they teached me very well till now.

i meet so many MC around Jakarta with different characters and they were all very cool..

For me, MC ing are so much fun.. Mic are like Drugs For me something that cannot be lossed when i am inside a Club..

i am ready To be called if there any event to help for..

just contact me on

MC AltonZ
text me trough sms for my pin.

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