MC eRno
He started his debut since 2001 as an eMCee/Rapper of DAFTAR MENU Band (1st hip hop live band in Jogjakarta). He got into hip hop culture very much.
He made the 1st Breakdance crew in Jogjakarta as 0274 BREAKERS (02-04).
Another 1st thing is he made the 1st local hip hop magazine called PLAYAZ MAGZ (2005).
Also he was the FIRST MC used special effect for he's performance start from 2005, when he'd step into EDM until now.

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    newo Halo ka Erno, saya boleh minta contact nya ga? plus e-mail anda? terimakasih :)
    5 years and 7 months ago
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    ^rustyman^ wah gatot koco.. hehehe
    7 years ago
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    eRno Aseeeeek...
    7 years ago