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Fajar ibel A.K.A MC Ibel started his career in 2005.
He just became a Party MC in the middle of 2007 because he prioritized his studies.
He finally decided to start his career as a Party MC again in the middle of 2010 and up to the present.
MC Ibel hypnotized the crowd in many big clubs in Jakarta with his awesome style ..
Energize!! A word which truly described MC Ibel while performing on stage!
and this is in addition to his unique style in fashion, who really makes MC Ibel a great performer at the party when he is MC-ing.
Beside rockin` and rollin` as a Party MC, MC Ibel also hosted a show in Global Tv on Nickelodeon Program wayback 2008.
Talented MC Ibel became one of 20 finalists on VJ hunt 2010 and he is a station radio announcer as well.
He began his carreer as an announcer in early 2010 at MDradio until end of 2011,
Currently, he is an announcer at Mustang88fm radio and joined as a Talent MC Party at Breakthrough.

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