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I grew up in Yogyakarta. City ​​with Culture and Art that is deeply rooted in the island of Java, Indonesia. A city that is far from what is referred to as the "Music Industries" in general. Like most other young people teens who love art (Music and Performances), in 1995 I formed a Punk Band. Following some event and received an Award as the best Drummer in an amateur talent search event.

1998 was the beginning of my career as a professional musician. In the same year I began to recognize the Electronic Music. Then learn Basic Computer Music, including learning how to work a Synthesizer (Digital Synthesis) is technically. Then began incorporated with some Band, no longer as a Drummer, but became Keyboardist and Music Programmers (still running today). A few years ago, (outside of my Band activity itself), I (and friends) make a Home Music Production work on several projects for local Radio, Jingle Advertising, Scoring several Short Movies, Soundtracks, as some Indie Band Arranger and Keyboard Tracks to fill some songs and albums solo / duo and band clad in home-based Digital Music.

Talk about Electronic Music and some Genre / Sub-genre in it, An electronic Band "new age" of German origin, ENIGMA and some others with the kind of music that is rooted "Trans Contemporary" (early 90s) that evolved again in the era "Dream Trance" in the style of Robert Miles (mid 1990), or Electronic Musician nuanced "Ambience" and "Neo Classics" such as Goldfrapp, Autectre, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Jean Ven Robert Hal and so forth, Pop Jazz Fussion of Experimental Progressive Bjork or multiple tracks from Chicane (late 90s), or even longer, the music 8-bit video games, or so-called " chiptunes "(80), a reference and inspiration in my music.

Ambience and Trance Music specifically, both the Genre and Sub-genre in it, the outline becomes my reference in music today.

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