MiLo Inc. ASIA

defdi electric funk
Genre: House & Electro House

Past & Recent DJ Residencies:
Embassy/[Co2] Jakarta | Embassy Bandung | Embassy Semarang | Mana Lounge Jakarta | Mana House Jakarta | Fluid Jakarta | Republic Jogjakarta | BluePrint Jakarta | E-Plaza Semarang (current)

Original Tracks (soon to be released):
Trip To Bali – produced in 2012
Where Do We Go – as above
Old Dude – as above
Gembira Ria – as above

Highlighted Past Gigs & Events:
Embassy Club Jakarta 1st Anniv. At Taman Ria Senayan Jakarta 2003 | New Year at Lativi (Live Collaboration with Tofu) | Roadster New Year at Sentul Circuit 2003 | Godskitchen at Ancol Jakarta 2004 |Panasonic Award (Live Collaboration with Purwacaraka Orchestra & Sita RSD) at RCTI 2003 | Aquasonic 2 at Sol Elit Marbela, Anyer 2004 | Lost Chapter 2 at Bidadari Island | | New Year at Lativi (Live Collaboration with Tofu)

Exclusive Opening Sets for:
John Digweed (UK), Dave Seaman (UK), Phil K, James Fierce (UK), Jim Masters (UK), Jefree Atizado (Canada), VJ Danielle Kwaaital (NL)

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