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In early April 2009 junko sign him as a nu breed alongside Rummy and Anza. As an up and coming DJ in Seattle progressive house music scene, Dennis Wijaya has been fine tuning his talent since 2004 in his home country of Bali. Throughout the years, he has been involved with several production houses creating his unique style of playing. Now in 2010, with the launch of Junko Seattle a partnership Dennis helped establish, he is now ready to make himself known in the music community. started off as a hobby but soon friends and colleagues encouraged me to take it further. Ever since my first performance, he never looked back. Dennis Wijaya first experienced electronic dance music while attending nightclubs in Bali. Drawing influence from popular artists such as Abel Ramos, Sidney Samson and David Guetta, to name a few, Dennis found his calling for house music. Indonesia appreciation for electronic music provided him with a readily available supply of music to hone his talent upon. In 2006 he moved to the US to attend college and brought with him his love for music. Experimenting with various equipment, he created mix tapes from his MKV turntables, DJM 800 mixer and Serato software. Soon Dennis music caught the attention of local club owners and partygoers asking him to play at their venues. Dennis debuted at Chapel Bar with less than a week of practice and preparation but drew a crowd in the hundreds marking a new era as a DJ. he heard his music from friends who came across his mix tapes and had to see him live! He says an attendee. Soon clubs such as Last Supper Club, Fusion Lounge, and Vela were asking him to play in addition to school organizations and private requests. He can also be found spinning at the popular club The Living Room in Bali if you are fortunate enough to catch him returning home. don’t know how long I will play for but as long as there are people listen I will continue to play.With an ever-growing number of fans waiting for his next performance, at the age of 23 Dennis has a bright future ahead of him. Dennis is definitely the answer for an unforgettable night. A night filled with joy and memories to last a lifetime

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