Dyk Hillebrandt
  • Dyk Hillebrandt

  • cityJakartaactive14 years
  • playingtrance
  • member ofSe7entune
  • event this year
Before djing Dyk merged into a metal band, Flubbers since 2000. The band play the song from
Marilyn Manson as well as we playing oursongs. The band became vacuum for a few moment.
And finally he set his mind to leave the metal band for a little while, and starting electronic music
in early November 2005.
He play his own music with only using PC and music software. he does’nt want surrender with the
equipment limitation.
Strong willingness and also high motivation to go forward can defeat the limitation which he have.
This matter make the high creativity for him, where we are claimed to be able to yield the good
sound to be heard.
A good music is not only came from a good equipment, but it’s from your honest heart, being yourself,
show that you’recreative person which create your own music and proud of it and “Don’t think... just play”

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