Elvin San Juan
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When you are yearning for a much-needed dose of spell-binding and trippy house music beat, DJ Elvin San Juan should easily come in order. Fueled by the passion of creating music out of the conventional and driven by what technology has, made DJ Elvin push his way in embracing the electronic music. Among his influences are Groove Armada and the prominent house music production/remix team Masters at Work (hence, their name), a.k.a. ‘Little Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez. DJ Elvin is found to be the most experienced and exposed in the electronic music scene. Having been a DJ for almost 19 years now, he has been professionally remixing since 1998 and used to be one of the Top Remixers for Dance Mix Music Factory. Among his works are remixes of Madonna’s ‘I’ll Remember’ and ‘What Feels for a Girl’ and Paula Abdul’s ‘Rush’. He also has his own studio where he composes, arranges and produces tracks. He is also a Digidesign and Sound Forge pioneer. DJ Elvin released his album aptly entitled ‘My First Voyage’ which features hypnotic, electronic and tribal sonic tunes and rhythms. Never succumbing to the mainstream pit, theirs is a collection of 11 original tracks including ‘Underwater’ and “Sunset’, released by Pravada Music Ltd. The phenomenal contribution of DJ Elvin San Juan in the industry is considered to be one of the most undying creations in music remixes. It’s the ‘Passion of the Heart’ that pushes him to assemble a strong and a bizarre music technology. Timeless and an extraordinary artist, these made him such a legendary DJ and now he is the only DJ in indonesia endorsed by DENON, Japan-based DJ equipment company and Monster Beats By Dr. Dre.

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