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Erwien Himawan as known as Erwiengroovy born on April 1982 was first interested in electro dance music when he started his passion in software music experiments. On 2007 he started his carrier as a DJ, began from a small gigs he emerges in club scene and got the good response from dance floor, “yup! It’s a baby boy goes groovy”

It would later grow into a passion for creating music, His first remix track was released worldwide by a local record label, Control record (The45MF Group inc) with indonesian finest producer Osvaldo nugroho 1945MF.

Started in 2012 he joined Sound Of Progressive (S.O.P) to improve his carrier. His music taste mostly influenced by Matteo Monero, Stiven Rivic, Ben Coda, CJ Art, John 00 Fleming, Kintar etc.

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