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Evan virgan well known as a one of the best young DJ in Bali, established his own professional career since 2006. He started his career at 16 years old, the ages when a most of his colleagues still struggling with their own things. Born in Denpasar, September 20th 1990, this young boy decided to choose music as his career beside that's his primary hobby, he also realize he has talent in there. Before playing as a DJ, at 2004 till 2005 Evan mostly known as achiever bassist and vocalist (he still 14 when it was happened). He graduated as a Diploma of Business Administration at New Media Interactive Computer College. After pursuing his own goals as a band player, he changed it all and turns to learn to be a professional DJ. His first teacher is DJ Yunan (Ex-resident DJ at 66 Club Bali). Learn about how to be a professional DJ with Yunan for almost 3 months. Got first experience as a resident DJ in Eight Lounge in Sanur-Bali at 2008 and since 2009 became a member at one of DJ community in Bali called EDC (Eightball DJ Community). As a young DJ in Bali, Evan has a lot of perform experience in the biggest club within Bali and Java, also certain perform with International and Indonesian best DJ such as Eric Entrena, Sied Van Riel, James Sullivan, Soul Porpose, Suresh Nelson, Bjorn Niclas, Tyty, Romy 1945 MF, Boim Getto, Wendi, Adit Putra, Agha,Delicious Devina,and more. Herewith also some of his performance in the famous club within Bali and Java island; 66 Club Bali, My room bali, OCB (Ocean beach club) Bali, EX Plaza Jakarta, Blue eyes Club Bali, Kama Sutra Bali, Boshe VVIP I Club Bali, Boshe VVIP I Club Yogyakarta, Ozigo Bar Ubud, The Backyard Lounge, Liquid Club Yogyakarta, Sector Lounge Bali, 88 Club Bali, Klapa Club Bali, The Stones Mods Club, Planet Holliwood Bali, and Blue County Bali He also got some great opportunities to play in certain biggest event like New Years Eve 2010 Fire & Ice at 66 Club Bali ,Soundrenaline, LA Indie Fast 2, Modern Guilt, Madame Butterfly, 3 Dimension of House, Klapa Summer Beach Fast 2010, Bounty Harbor, Grand Opening Boshe VVIP I Club Bali, , and Anniversary of Boshe VVIP I Club Yogyakarta. 2010 turn as year of achievement for him, at this time he got great opportunity to joint with one of major label in Indonesia (Aquarius Musikindo) and releasing dance compilation album called Hard Rock Paranoia with his original single mix titled "Fire Away/Embassy", he also changing his profession as a DJ producer. And now at 2011, Evan also hired as a one of member of The 45MF label which is owned by DJ Romy (Legendary Indonesian Best DJ) for releasing his original single "That's It". Currently still focused his self as a professional DJ producer and the next project is joining with the international label to releasing his new singles

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