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Fari is just an urban teenage boy who shares the living dreams of Jakarta's nightlife scene in the mid 90's. As he began to mature and probe his senses in art and music, the spellbound of a DJ has struck him. It has become part of his life even though he did not get any support from his parents. His first DJ equipment was only 2-channel Gemini DJ BATTLE mixer with a pair of Sony Discman Players. Even with this extremely limited equipments, it did not stop him to learn more about DJ-ing. By the help of the internet, he gained all the knowledge of how to become a professional DJ, which made him one of Indonesian autodidact disc jockeys. He has also learned a lot from experiences. DJ-ing in many of high school prom nights and private parties has given him a chance to excel at his skills. He first started as a DJ in 2001 and tried to work his way up for 2 and half years.

After that, Fari took for 2 years break to wrap up his bachelor degree in one of Jakarta's notorious university. However, it did not stop him to express the outburst of house music. Several bootleg remix track of Indonesian famous singer and international artist has been amateur produced by him, such as Andien – "Sahabat Setia", Audy – "Untuk Sahabat", Glenn Fredly – "Kisah Romantis" and also hip hop tunes like Snoop Doggy Dogg – "Drop it Like it's Hot".

Since the awakening of Indonesian DJ's in 2004, through the ultimate international DJ competition of Heineken Thirst (2005) and Studios (2006), he has reached the first qualification for Indonesian regional. He then joined Jakarta DJ management/ Glucklich Production until now. Spin in lots of Jakarta's and Central Java's big club (Embassy & Wonderbar Jakarta, Centro Jakarta, Vertigo & X-Lounge Jakarta, Hugo's / Embassy Semarang, Bliss & Loft 25 Jakarta, and Retro Jakarta), radio's interviews (Hardrock FM paranoia, Mustang 88 Down with DJ, Indika FM Jakarta) and tv's show (JakTV) have proven that his twisted techno yet sexy tribal genre is accepted in most of Indonesian demand.

Dreams and motivations are colliding inside him. With his limited time in between working 9 to 5 and DJ-ing, Fari is still able to manage the time. He has been trying to prove to himself and everybody, that life is about indulgence and passion in absolute terms even it comes from different sides, it is a resembling balance between yin and yang.

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