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Being in the Dance scene for almost half a decade, FERRERISKY has his magical music touch spread all over Jakarta and other cities like Kuta & Sampit ,not only on Clubs & Bars but also many launching Events for big named Company such as Microsoft Indonesia, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) ,Djarum , and Excelcomindo (XL) ,one of Indonesia’s biggest telecommunication company. He began his career just as he failed to reach the semifinalist on Heineken Thirst Studio 2006 as a Live PA Group. Within his first year he has played aside international name such as Eric Entrena ( Toro Rec.Spain / Space Club Ibiza ) and met in face with world names like Abel Ramos (Spain),Ame (Germany), Tarkan and V-Sag (Turkey) .
Back there in 2006, FERRE RISKY is known among a few peoples in Jakarta that DJ using Laptop and Midi Controller,known as Hard Disc Jockey (HDJ).This has already became his signature performance until now where he carry lots of stuffs & gadgets to his gigs rather than just CD Case and Headphone.
Following his college major at Multimedia & Graphic, at the end of 2007 FERRE had fallen in love with the art of Visual Jockey, and soon introduced himself to the scene as a DVJ ( Disc & Visual Jockey) with the helps and inspiration from his fellow VJ FlickerScreen , but now he already focused himself Mainly for the music.
Although Progressive & Trance Music has became his most passionate background, but FERRE never closes his ear for genres like House, Techno, R & B, and even Kids Songs, in which he oftenly played for Kids Love Disco.He believes that “ good musics, amazing musics, is never barricaded by such wall named Genres and Idealism “(FERRERISKY).

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