His love to music empowers his creativity to do something else about music, starting from a band when he was in high school in 2009, he was playing in an Electronic band as a Programmer and Keyboardist. which gave him a lot of knowledge and experience to produce Electronic Dance Music. Dubstep/Bass Music is the first genre he played as a solo project. he produced 4 dubstep tracks. and later he moved to EDM, producing Electro and Progressive House Tracks. 'Rest of You' is his first single which is accepted by a label and being released in iTunes. Then, his career began developing to a better state, in 2014 he released 'Sumateran Spear' in Beatport. his live experience for many years has made his faith to focus on his path, the EDM path. His Tracks can be found at his Personal soundcloud account, "Formatted".

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