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Hendra aka the Beginner
Hendra aka The Beginner was born in Mataram with beautiful mix between baliness and javaness parents. His love of music started at age 17. Listening to early funk rock & trance. By late 2003 Hendra had caught the minimal & electro music,and started making his own track.His sound is influnces with Claude Vonstroke, BookaShade and Deadmau5. For the past year Hendra has been working in Alengka Studio Yogyakarta learning sound engineering and now has produce 30 tracks, some of them has been released worldwide by Spindocs Music. On this year his biggest project is to blend Balinesse traditionals music element onto Electronic Dance Music (EDM). With love and good talent in dance music scene will bring him in the next chapter in dance music industry. Music is essential in his live.

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