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Indra7 found his interest in music while he was in Elementary School. The first record album that he bought was Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite For Destruction” (1988). Soon after he bought that album, music changed everything in his life. He formed his own band when he was in 6th grade. He got back into it again when he started high school.

His interest in DJ-ing began in 1998, and he started to learn DJ-ing as well as collecting records from 1997 electronic DJs and Producers like The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Future Sound Of London, Underworld, Moby, etc.

Nowadays he describes his musical style as anything from House, Deep House, and Techno; with influences from big names such as Sasha, Carl Craig, Aril Brikha, Underworld, M.A.N.D.Y, Radio Slave, Pig & Dan, and some of Indonesia’s great DJs.

Since 1999, he’s played at parties, from small private ones to various clubs and huge events such as Jakarta Movement ’05, Sounds Of Gili ’07, Soundz Therapy Indoor Session ’08, 777 Parade, Parkindsound03 ’99, Sundaze Park After Party 2009, to name few. His special sets have proved his ability and crowd control is one of a kind.

Besides spinning, he also formed an electronic band called Media Distorsi with his old time friend, Agus Sasongko, and had released one full album in Indonesia and Japan, as well as a couple of singles for Jakarta Movement ’05 compilation album, OST of the movie Janji Joni, and a few remixes for Indonesia’s indie bands.

In August 2007, he met with Alvin K from Dafkaf Inc. and Gibran Sani from Camouflage. Their interest in the electronic music movement inspired them to form a unity that offers high-quality music called Microchip. Microchip came up with GLIMPSE, the first monthly event serving tech house / tehcno, bringing in even names such as Ewan Pearson to Jakarta. Microchip has then advanced to other genres and events.

Indra7 has also been nominated as one of Indonesia’s Techno DJ Of The Year 2009 and 2010 by Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award (REDMA). He’s has constantly evolved and progressed in the industry, and the future still holds many more obstacles and excitement.

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