Born on 23 January 1974, Eddie Triana is also known as “Innerlight”, the winner of Heineken Thirst Studio at 2006. in 2004 he established record label Soundscape, act as the executive producer as well as the album producer "Take Me To The Blue Blue Sky". This album already sold thousands of copies, and many of his single is used as the track list trance dj.

Graduates from the faculties of literature, university Gajahmada. Start his music career in Yogyakarta as a guitarist Outsiders, Sastro Moeni, Tiga Band). “Innerlight” start involved on music industry at 1997, with released the alternative album for “Tiga Band”, Kunci Pintu, Matikan Lampu, dan Dengarkan under KAMA Record / HEMAGITA recording album.
In 2001 involved into Syahrani album called Magma as a song writer arranger, programmer, synthesizer, guitarist and composer.
Start his career as a producer in 2003 with a industrial recycle bin project Bukan Dewa and released in 2004 cooperate with TNT records.

In October 2005, “Innerlight” has succeeded the national music industry when his single Waiting for Nothing was formally contracted by Monster Tunes, the biggest trance label headquartered in England. Two months later, on December 2005 “Innerlight” started to debut his international career with his trance mix CD Monster Series 001 live in London. In these double-series CDs, “Innerlight” had the opportunity to showcase his talent by performing in CD 2, where CD 1 was that of Simon Brisky.

In August 2006, “Innerlight” was the winner of Heineken Thirst Studio which the final event occurred in DJ Embassy Jakarta. As the 2006 winner of Heineken Thirst Studio, “Innerlight” had the opportunity to perform alongside with BT and DJ Ronin in Heineken’s main event located in Dome Carnaval Ancol on September 8, 2006. “Innerlight” also had the opportunity to do a studio session with BT on September 30, 2006 in Singapore. Moreover, “Innerlight” performed in the Heineken Global Final in Las Vegas, USA on January 2007.

In February 2008, in collaboration with Clubhoppers and Warner Music Indonesia, “Innerlight” had relased the third album "Clubhoppers Essential Mix #5".The album has sold thousands CD and made many hits track like Moonlight Dreamland, Conversation with You, Going Home and many more. His tracks had been marked as the most anthem tracks by all Indonesia trance lovers.

In end of 2009, “Innerlight” release the fourth album “Miracle”. The album was receive highly appreciation from public with first single “Fade Away”, contain great vocal of Ariga Yada. Also single “Miracle” with beautiful vocal of Tiff Lacey. Who also sing at many trance song from Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, First State, Tenishia, and many other

In international dance music production, “Innerlight” also has collaborated with many top artist and producer like BT, Simon Brisky, First State, and Tiff Lacey.

He has shared the deck with many popular international DJs such as

Solar Stone
Reece Elliot
Scot Bond
Simon Brisky
Niklas Harding
Gareth Emery
Andy Moor
Matt Darey
First State


2004 Take Me To The Blue Blue Sky
2005 Monster Series 001 live London
2008 Daylight / Run From You [Single]
2008 Clubhoppers Essential Mix #5
2008 Heaven Seem [Single]
2009 Miracle


2007 First State - Falling (Innerlight Remix)


Heineken Thirst Studio Winner 2006
Track of the Year for Atmosphere in Java Paranoia Award 2006
Best Trance DJ 2006 for REDMA 2007
Producer of the Year REDMA 2008
Producer of the Year Paranoia Award 2008
Best Trance DJ REDMA 2010
Track of The Year REDMA 2010 for Fade Away
Track of The Year Paranoia Award 2010 for Fade Away

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