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J No
Born with the name of Raditya Iryandi, J.NO has been a technology junkie since he was a teenager. His major business is about making dirty shell scripts and playing around with cyberbox, but before it, he stumbled his fingers into his Ibanez guitar and that was where his state of music directly built.

He found himself as J.NO while scratching his Macbook Pro for almost 14 hours a day, a work day for a dream job he is a producer, a DJ, and a technology freak, but after all he's just a king of thirsty dance crowd when he mixes Heavy Metal and Dirty House in the same set.

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    adhieVS JOOOOOOOOOOONNNNOOOOO !! berenyit...ah manehmah..makin ganteng aja euy..
    6 years and 10 months ago